An Easier Way to De-Stink Your Clothes

Whirlpool Fabric Freshener

Hang your local dry cleaner out to dry.

Tired of trekking to the dry cleaner once a week to get clean clothes to wear to work? Worried that your expensive Armani business suit will get lost or sent home with someone else? Don’t worry. Now there’s a new product that lets you take care of the cleaning – or at least the odor and wrinkle removal –in the comfort of your own home.

This product, the Whirlpool Fabric Freshener, basically looks like a fancy garment bag sitting on a plastic stand. Just hang your blouse or suit jacket inside and it kicks cigarette stench and other smells to the curb in a half hour using only steam. Anyone who has stuck damp shirt in the dryer on high instead of trying to iron it knows how great steam is at getting out wrinkles, but it will be interesting to note how it works on the second claim.

Keep in mind that this product will not remove stains, and you’ll have to steam each garment one at a time instead of throwing in a week’s worth of laundry. It’s not a miracle product by any means, but it’ll certainly help out if you find your suit on the floor in a heap a couple hours before that important job interview.

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