How to Clean Blood From Clothing


  1. Perhaps you cut yourself shaving or scraped yourself working in the yard.

    Whatever the reason, you have bled on your clothing and need to get it out. While the stain is still fresh, the best way to remove it is by using H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide).

    Soak a cotton ball or cloth and scrub the spot and you’ll be surprised how effective it is in getting the stain out. I’m not sure this will work on all types of material, but for cotton’s and linens I know it will work. If the blood is dried, then the old fashioned soaking the garment in cold water trick is still the best method and then perhaps using the hydrogen peroxide.

    Good Luck!

  2. If you bleed on your clothes or blood drips on a sheet or carpet, simply rub the area with a lemon, wipe, rub, wipe – until the blood vanishes.

  3. J.S. Region says:

    I use cold water and bleach and soak for a while.

  4. For a fresh blood stain, just put a dab of spit on the stain and the enzymes from your spit will take away the stain.

  5. I know this sounds really weird (and maybe gross), but spit on the stain where the blood is, add a little bit of antibacterial soap and a little water and rub the material against itself. It works every time for me.

  6. The best thing I have ever found to take out blood stains is salt and water. This works on most fabrics, but silk or satin is best handled by a professional. Get the blood stain wet with cool water. Pour salt directly onto the stain and make a paste. Rub it into the cloth. Let sit for an hour or two (or soak overnight if it’s a set-in stain), making sure that the salt stays moist. Wash as usual.

  7. Never rinse with hot or warm water – this causes the blood to coagulate and therefore set in; use cold water instead.

  8. If using spit, it has to come from the person that produces the blood; it only works with your own enzymes.

  9. Murphy Oil Soap does the trick every time, unless the stain is so set in that it’s black. Just put a little of it directly on the stain and use some elbow grease to scrub the stain against the fabric, to grind the soap into the stain. It really works.

  10. For females, a weird tip for menstruation stains is to use meat tenderizer on the stain – takes it right out!

  11. That spit trick saved my dress shirt. I was at work and didn’t have access to hydrogen peroxide, but spit and antibacterial soap worked beautifully. Thanks!

  12. I spit on the blood on one of my t-shirts and then applied a drop of anti-bacterial dish soap and scrubbed it by hand under a running facet. It worked great!

  13. Rub ice on the blood, then merely wipe it up. Once my dog crashed through the front glass door, then ran all over the off-white living room rug. We rubbed ice on each spot and wiped it up with paper towels. And kept the door shut.

  14. Used the spit/saliva method to very easily clean several one hour old stains on a white dress shirt. Just rubbed it a little and the stains dissolved. Thanks to the above posters.

  15. I am dry cleaner and the best way to remove blood is using Vanish. Leave it for a few hours and then dry clean it or put it in washing machine.

  16. I have used salt water for removing blood from clothes (even white nylon) and have always found it to work. Just let the garment soak in cold salt water, or if it’s an old stain, soak it over night. I also soak white nets over night in salt water before washing them the next day – helps get them whiter.

  17. For blood stain removal, I have found soaking the spot or garment in cold water with some ammonia added for a couple of hours works every time! Supposedly, the ammonia breaks down the proteins contained in blood.

  18. The Tide stain release tabs work great for getting out dried blood and other body fluids. I have been able to get blood that has sat on white pants (work scrubs!) for a week out by using one of the little packets in the wash set for a small load. They are also great for getting runners white again.

  19. Kathynñ says:

    Blood is a protein, and saliva only has enzymes to break down carbohydrates. Enzymes are very specific, therefore carbohydrate enzymes can’t break down protein enzymes. I’m thinking that your spit possibly works like water to dilute the stain.

  20. I used Zout pre-laundry treatment to clean blood that had dried on a colored sweater. It worked beautifully! I just sprayed it on and let it set for a few minutes. Then I rubbed it and tossed it in the washer. There’s not a hint of a blood stain on the sweater!

  21. I have read all the posts, but I need to know if any of these work on dried blood from a dog that was in heat. This has already been washed and dried. Is there any hope in saving both a comforter and sheet set?

  22. Get it out the old Polish way. Blood doesn’t like cold water. Soak it with detergent for two hours, and you’re done. :)
    This method works on old stains, too.

  23. I had a several-days-old blood stain on light gray pants (100% polyester). Got it out by dipping a Q-tip in jewelry cleaner (ammonia-based) and rubbing the stain gently.

  24. I bled on the couch in the caravan, but it dried overnight. How do I get it out? Help!

  25. My son reached in between a friend’s seat to get his cell phone and when he pulled his hand out, there was a box cutter that was open and it sliced his hand so badly that he had to get eight stitches. He bled all over his favorite shorts. I tried the salt and cold water and scrubbing; it removed all of the blood. The blood had been there for more than 24 hours! Thanks.

  26. I got the worst blood stain on my white basketball shorts! The stain was a week old when I cleaned it. I only used cold water and hydrogen peroxide, and the stain completely vanished! The trick works great!

  27. I have used hydrogen peroxide and it works well if used before the blood has dried. It will get an older stain out, just not as well. I can’t wait to try “spit.” I’ve never heard of that.

  28. Use toothpaste! Just wet the area you want to clean, then put a little toothpaste on it. Scrub, and it should look great!!

  29. Try soaking in cold water, then using rubbing alcohol, then water again, but scrub with a hand brush.

  30. Marisha says:

    Well, I read this and tried the spit method on my sheet and I’ll be d*mned! Lol – it worked.

  31. Well, I had period in my pants; lol. It has been there for about three days because I forgot about it and I used make-up remover. Yup! That worked!

  32. Deirdre says:

    Fresh blood I know how to remove…Old blood, washed dried sheets…nothing worked. Now, I have two little light brown marks, faded areas where I tried to scrub and remove the stain…I figure I will draw eyes and a mouth and say “Hello there!” on the sheet!

  33. I got period blood all over my brand new neon yellow Nike pros. ): Help! I’ve read all of the comment and I’m trying the salt one, but can I put peroxide on them even though they are yellow?

  34. I got blood on my yellow Oxford shirt. It went through the wash/dry cycle. When it came out, I happened to discover a couple if small spots. I put hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste and salt on it sequentially. So far, the stains won’t let go.

  35. I’ve got blood on my white Converse shoes at the back; they’re brand new and I need to get the blood out. Does anyone have a technique that won’t make the blood spread? Dabbing them with water/spit has just spread the blood out so now it looks worse.

  36. Jess,
    That happened to me too – the blood stain spread when I used spit. I didn’t give up though (because of all the good reviews about it here) and sure enough, it eventually faded a lot. It was cool to see, but didn’t totally take the stain out – maybe because I didn’t use soap too (sounds like you didn’t either). I did try peroxide after that, which didn’t do much. So, I went looking for a bottle of Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover – it’s at Walmart and available online. I had used it at a friend’s once and it got an old blood stain out of a shirt for me without a trace. The website says it can be used “on all fabrics, carpets, rugs, pet bedding, even leather,” so maybe it would be safe for Converse shoes too.

  37. If it’s a lot of blood – say from a heavy menstrual cycle, a vein bleed of a dialysis patient, or severe cut – put clothes in the washing machine with about a 1/2 (a few clothes) to 2/3 cup (sheet set or comforter) of regular Dawn dishwashing liquid. Fill machine with cold water and make sure water level is above the clothing or sheets. Let it soak for a few hours or overnight. Next, after the few hours or the next morning, turn the washer on rinse. This will allow soiled water to drain out and rinse out the Dawn from the items. Immediately wash items using your regular laundry detergent.

  38. Got a blood stain on the back off my white Converse, and I don’t know what I can use to get it out with?

  39. Chloe,
    This is the article that you need: How to Remove Blood Stains. Select the cleaning method that is the most safe for your material.

  40. Wow the spit, soap and water really works. Had an emergency at the workplace and this totally saved the day. Who knew.

  41. WD-40; soak for a few hours.

  42. Holli Jean says:

    Thanks for all the ideas; cold water and salt worked for me!!!!

  43. Soap is the best solution… trust me! Rub soap on the blood area. Leave it for three minutes. Then, rub and raise it with water. 100% works!

  44. Oh my goodness…sounded gross…but after blood spots wouldn’t go away using Tide and brushing…I tried spit! I can’t believe it! It came out! I am so amazed….and kind of grossed out. But it worked!

  45. This information was brilliant. I had a stain on my winter purple jacket and didn’t realize the blood stain was still there until 8 months later. Cheers :)

  46. I was skeptical, but this advice was great. I can’t believe it, but spit, antibacterial hand soap, and a little bit of elbow grease got the blood out of white lace! I don’t know about set-in stains, but for a fresh one, this was miraculous. Thanks. :)

  47. Pour baking soda directly onto the stain, then with a wash cloth or towel, rub the stain with cold water. Repeat if necessary.

  48. Soaked the sleeve of a cotton shirt in cold water and kosher salt, which took most of the blood out. Then, I rubbed the stain with Old Fashion Fels Naptha Soap. Voila! Blood completely washed out.

  49. TRY FACE WASH! I got a pretty decent amount of blood on my white basketball uniform shorts, and none of the tips here really worked like I needed them to! I finally soaked the stains in cold water for maybe five minutes, and I rubbed Clean & Clear deep cleansing face wash into the stains. I was instantly able to scrub out the blood stains completely!! I didn’t believe my eyes! I did all this about an hour after I got the stain, so I’m not sure how well this will work on old stains. But TRY, TRY, TRY FACE WASH.

  50. If it’s a fresh blood stain, you just run it under cold water & rub together & voila… Gone! :)

  51. Hydrogen peroxide with cold water as the solute on polyester. :)

  52. Elizabeth says:

    I had to tell you! Spit plus an antibacterial soap plus scrubbing works like a charm on blood that went through a hot wash and dryer before I found it! I tried and couldn’t believe my eyes. I finished it off with a bit of hydrogen peroxide.

  53. i was cleaning a sweatshirt for my daughter after a nose bleed. I used peroxide on the fresh blood, then ran it through the wash and dried it, but I missed some on the sleeves, so I took peroxide and wet the spots down then took a hot iron and ironed them until they disappeared.

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