How to Clean Burnt Oil from Pans

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  1. Irene
    October 31, 2009

    How do you clean glass kitchen oil bottles (olive oil, sunflower oil, etc.) Thanks.


  2. Kay
    August 21, 2013

    Baking soda and scrubbing pads are TERRIBLE ways to clean pans! This will just scratch the heck out of the pans–which looks awful and also makes them much more prone to sticking later.

    Do NOT use abrasives on your cookware!


  3. Amy
    December 17, 2013

    I used Bar Keepers Friend, a sponge and balled up tin foil, and my stainless steel pan came out looking just like new! I wouldn’t be able to do this on a non-stick pan, but I was very happy with the results!


  4. Jokedog
    September 4, 2014

    I’m here because I want to salvage my beloved nonstick ceramic pan, but if you have burnt oil on a non-stick pan, you’re basically out of luck. Most how-to articles seem to focus on stainless and since we can’t scrape the heck out of our non-stick pans, there isn’t much option. I would recommend you continue to use it the proper way and see how much mileage you’ll get out of it. Let the stain be your friendly reminder on how badly you screwed up and see how long you can maintain it that way. When it is time to retire it, treat your new replacement with the care and experience you have from your old ones. Use the following tips and you’ll save yourself hours of elbow grease and frustration. It is better to spend the extra time and effort to prevent burnt on oil then the hours wasted on removing it.
    1. Do NOT high heat. If you must, use cast iron instead or be extremely careful, but be prepare to pay for your mistake again. :-)
    2. Wipe the oil off the side of your pan immediately. Once it drips to the side and you put it back on the flame, it is over! Pour out whatever you’re cooking and wipe it clean and continue with your cooking. Takes less than a minute to do.


  5. Mary
    November 24, 2014

    My pan is stainless and you can not use abrasives on it. The burnt oil is on the outside of the pan…on the bottom and up the side. Any suggestions?


  6. Dustin
    January 19, 2015

    Steel wool pads from the dollar store!


  7. Ydelle
    April 30, 2015

    I just used oven cleaner with the cool directions and it worked great; there were some spots that were really bad, so I put a paste of Bar Keepers Friend on them.


  8. Jim
    October 8, 2015

    I tried most of the above and nothing worked!!! Finally threw the stainless fry pan out.


  9. Tia
    October 8, 2015

    I have these beautiful cream Martha Stewart pots. My husband ruined the two frying pans with burnt on grease. Any idea how to remove it?!?


  10. Bruce
    November 13, 2015

    I have an 8-qt stainless pot that I use to make popcorn. It acquired a lot of burned-on oil on the bottom and sides, and I wanted to use it to make a stew. To clean it, I put in 4″ of cool water and 2 drops of dishwashing detergent. I put the burner on medium-high and brought it to a boil. I lowered the temp to medium and let it boil for 15 minutes. I took it to the sink and used a Scotch Bright pad gently for 20 seconds. Most of the grime was gone. I repeated the process and it was clean. The popcorn smell was gone too.


  11. Drifter
    November 22, 2015

    I had oil in a stainless pot, deep frying. A decent amount of oil boiled over, ran down the sides, spilled on to the glass-top burner, and burst into flames. So after I finished cooking, the bottom and sides of the pot looked like it had a lacquer finish. I used Bar Keeper’s Friend. I am a true believer now. It still took a while, but BKF did most of the work, compared to my arm.


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