How to Clean Ink Off Your Hands


  1. Ink is really tough to clean off your hands, especially blue or black ink. So, don’t let it get dry on your hands, use running water and then right away rub your hands with Windex. Then wipe them with a paper towel. Absolutely clean hands.

  2. Whatever is in hairspray, either aerosol or pump, will dissolve ink. Simply spray it on, let it sit for a moment and wash it off. If you have ever had a toddler write all over their legs, you’ll appreciate this and so will they!

  3. I’ve found a good way to take off ink or marker from skin is to use Lava soap because it is slightly gritty. If you don’t have a bar, try sprinkling a little powdered cleanser on a soapy area and mix.

  4. Use hairspray, it works…or use a greasy lotion, then wipe it off with a baby wipe; they work.

  5. I’ve heard about a gel that removes ink. Has anyone ever used a gel and do you know the name of it?

  6. Yahoo answers said dish-washing liquid and sugar and that works quite well. Plus, it cleaned my silver ring too. :)

  7. Alcohol works great to remove ink and it doesn’t leave any stickiness behind like hairspray does.

  8. Margaret108 says:

    I have used both rubbing alcohol and hairspray for stubborn ink stains. Both work well and hairspray is great for taking marker off of things that it doesn’t belong on.

  9. I have used baby oil to remove printer ink. The oily texture breaks up the ink and also leaves your skin baby soft.

  10. Don’t get ink on your hands, but if you do, use hairspray. (:

  11. How long does it take to wash it off – both hairspray and alcohol?

  12. From hard surfaces (glossy painted metal that you don’t want to scratch), acetone (the main ingredient in nail polish remover) works quite well – even on dried up ink – just spray it on and wipe. The wipe has to be pretty saturated though and make sure you USE it IN WELL VENTILATED AREA. And it WILL REMOVE your fingernail POLISH! :) Read acetone instructions very carefully! It will melt foam cups, and may damage wood finish and some plastics. However, nail polish is very cheap. Good luck! (Now I’m going to go and test that alcohol idea.)

  13. Fingerprinted says:

    Acetone and hair sprays worked very well with me. Baby oil was so so. Thank you guys for sharing these ideas!

  14. Soft Scrub with Bleach is the best way to clean ink from hands. I tried everything else and nothing worked.
    Soft Scrub removed ink immediately.

  15. Soft Scrub helps tons! I just used it and now my hands are marker free! :)

  16. I tried everything: paint thinner, hair spray, lava; THE ONLY THING THAT WORKED WAS BLEACH. It took it all off right away!!!!

  17. Used it today to take off a temporary tattoo and it worked great!

  18. Well, to start off, lemon and hairspray should take most off. Then get a foot scrubber or sandpaper and rub the ink part.

    PS. If that does not work then try bleach. Hope this works for you as much it did me.

  19. My three-year-old son came walking into the kitchen, naked and covered in black. He had gotten hold of a black ink pad.
    He seriously looked like a chimney sweep. Because of the young skin, I did not want to use bleach or Soft Scrub, etc. I did try hairspray and it didn’t do a thing. Got out the baby oil and it took about 95% off. The hands were pretty difficult, but I got enough off that I could take him out in public again. :)

  20. I tried several chemicals to remove ink from my hands without success, and finally after reading the above comments I used Windex and bleach. The bleach (diluted) worked great. Remember to wash your hands with plenty of soap and water afterward to get the bleach off of your hands.

  21. I was just trying to make a homemade marker and I spilled ink every where and on my hands. Then I tried nail polish remover and it worked great, but just make sure to wash your hands after and then put some lotion on because they can get really dry and sandy.

  22. Nicholas says:

    One time I was using a marker and the ink got all over my hands. I tried soap and dish soap, but it didn’t work. Then I used toothpaste, and it worked!

  23. Printer Ink!!!

    Tried – Soap/ Windex/ Goof Off/ alcohol/ then FINALLY got to the bleach post. Used Clorox clean up – came right off!!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  24. Leslie C. says:

    Trying to use ink refill, did not go well. Hands were covered in black ink. Tried everything people listed to remove ink. Nothing would remove the ink on my hands. I finally put a little bleach in my hands because I could not think of anything else to try. It all came right off. So, if all else fails, go for the bleach. Just make sure to wash your hands very well with soap and water afterward.

  25. I was drawing cute faces on my fingers like a seven-year-old. I then decided to take it off, but even with lots of soap, I couldn’t. I tried alcohol, nail polish and hairspray, but it didn’t work. Then I tried toothpaste and it worked great! Tomorrow I have a really important exam; toothpaste saved me!

  26. I was trying to fix my printer and got blue and black ink all over my hands! :@. So I tried water and soap, hairspray, alcohol, dish soap and sugar, BUT NOTHING WORKED!! So finally I tried bleach, and what do you know, my ink was instantly gone. (P.S. Now my hands smell horrible, LOL.)

  27. I found that using a foot scrubby thing for dry skin works really well for ink. So, try that. Good Luck!

  28. Just Happen says:

    Filled up an ink cartridge and ink was all over my hands. I tried to use dish liquid, nothing. I placed bleach on my hands and rubbed them together, it came off instantly.

  29. Getting black ink on my hands while filling my Inkjet cartridge never bothered me; it always washes off after time. But today I have to go out with family. I tried hand soap and a brush, Gojo Orange, but it was still in the pores of my skin. But when I tried bleach, I poured it on, turned my head for a second and it was like magic, NO MORE INK!

  30. I tried dish washing liquid and sugar, Windex, regular soap, peroxide, alcohol, greasy lotion… only bleach worked!!!

  31. I used lots of sugar mixed with a cheap dish washing soap and SCRUBBED with the rough side of a sponge!! It worked like magic!!!

  32. Today I got green ink from a pen all over my right hand. I am at the office, so it was hard to get some of the stuff. I took my toothpaste and it is working perfectly.

  33. Okay, so one time my friend and I were goofing off and broke a blue Crayola marker. The ink came out all over our hands and so we were reading all these comments. We tried the Windex and it came right off! Easy, just like giving a first-grader a sucker!

  34. I was really desperate to get this printer ink off my hands. I tried everything from hand sanitizer to baby oil, lotion, hairspray, hair gel, dishwasher with sugar, Windex, etc. I went even further and tried hair mousse and wax and they did not work. I tried Clorox at last and IT WORKED LIKE MAGIC! LITERALLY! My hands are clean as new and I’m so happy now! :) Whoever came up with this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  35. My son decided to make a makeshift feather pen, which ended up an ink explosion all over the room. Amazingly, Clorox cleaning wipes took the ink off almost everything except his hands. I was impressed.

  36. Actually they were Lysol Wipes, but I am sure most of these type wipes contain the same cleaning chemicals.

  37. I got printer ink all over my fingertips and I put some liquid soap on the kitchen scrub and started scrubbing my fingers. Now, my hands are clean. 😀 Try it! It’s cheap and works perfectly!

  38. I had this happen and was at work with no hairspray, etc., and used Lysol; worked great except right around my fingernails.

  39. Mercy Mama says:

    BLEACH! My hands were covered in dry ink and I tried hairspray, toothpaste, Lysol wipes and the dish soap ‘recipe’… The toothpaste barely made a dent, the others did hardly anything. Bleach got it off almost instantly. Because of those results, I can deal with the smell!

  40. Toothpaste says:

    I spilled fountain pen on my finger and immediately soaked it in warm water before scrubbing it in Sanctuary Body Scrub. This took about 15% off so I then tried hairspray, which didn’t help, so then I tried Colgate Deep Clean toothpaste, which I squeezed a blob and then wash it three times, which worked a treat!

  41. My friend and I are doing a science project, attempting to remove ink with various chemicals. We have discovered that the chemicals in a match head – after it has been lit and thereafter blown off – will possess the potential to successfully eliminate stubborn forms of ink.

  42. Hand sanitizer works with permanent marker.

  43. Hi! I was using a stamp pad to make designs and got my hand smeared with ink. I tried using dishwasher soap and sugar, and it did not work; even toothpaste did not work, so I tried perfume and viola! The ink was disappearing like magic! This thing works, trust me!

    PS: Wash your hands properly with soap and water after this.

  44. @IceKat – Worked like a charm! Smells a little funky, but it works great! Thanks for the advice; hairspray didn’t work for me.

  45. I work at a newspaper, and get covered in ink daily. Irish Spring works amazingly well. Preferably the bar, but the body wash will work too. The detergents break down ink really well. Dawn works well to break up a thick amount of ink, but Irish Spring seems to get the majority of it.

  46. My son got into our ink pad, so I put him in a bath with a lot of baby oil and tried washing it with his baby soap; that took off a little. I then got the baking soda and that got 95% of it off. It worked GREAT!!

  47. Thanks Jesse for the Irish Spring recommendation! I work on a printing press also and get ink all over me every day. We have a special cleaner at work, but I don’t think it’s sold in stores…probably because it works lol.


    It worked. My hands were coveted in blue ink and I washed my hands five times and it worked.

  49. Warning: BLEACH is caustic!!! It will burn your skin, and also work itself into the layers beneath. That’s why your hands will smell for days afterwards, no matter how often you wash them! I would not voluntarily put bleach on my skin (or anything I wear or sleep on).

    Whenever I refill my ink cartridges, I will wash my hands well with soap and water. Then, I rub them well with oily lotion and take it off with a paper towel. This can be repeated as often as you like without damaging your skin.

    One of my friends in Germany had a problem with alarming hair loss. Her doctor finally found out from her that she used a lot of bleach in her laundry. After she stopped using bleach, her beautiful black hair grew back.

  50. Due to me having a cut, I had to be careful, but Ajax with Bleach Powder Cleanser works real well. You might need to keep rubbing for a few minutes, but it works and it doesn’t leave behind a bad smell. We use it to clean around my job, but I saw it and thought that it might work.

  51. N-character says:

    Just wait for sweat. I tried everything you’ve suggested but bleach because I didn’t want to burn my hands and after today, I realized it was gone because of my sweat.

  52. I was doing my four-month-old’s hands and feet for his baby book, and underestimated his strength!! :/ Needless to say,, both of us ended up covered in ink!! He even got some on his face! I tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING!! For me, I used bleach and it worked perfectly, every drop of ink was gone…but for my baby, I wasn’t about to use anything that could be harmful, so I used Vaseline and baby oil and it got most of it off, which was better than what he had on him before!!

    Thank you sooo much to everyone!!! It feels good to not be covered in ink anymore. :)

  53. School Nurse in Georgia says:

    One of my students came in covered in black marker. We tried peroxide, alcohol, then the toothpaste and IT WORKED!! The toothpaste did the best job! Not all, but most of it came off!

  54. The only thing that worked for me when I got blue printer ink all over my hands – after trying soap & water, nail polish remover, hairspray and laundry stain remover was bleach – mix in 1 part bleach to 8-10 parts water. It will come right off.

  55. Up one night at 12:53 a.m. because of printer-head problems and ink all over my hands. I tried the hairspray – no good, tried the sugar and dish washing liquid – no good. Used a Brillo Soap Pad and it came right off.
    Use a BRILLO SOAP PAD to get ink off skin, especially hands and fingers!

  56. I’ve tried everything. It’s been two days since I have had this ink on me, and I need it off now for an important meeting!

  57. I was trying to move my laptop when the ink got tangled and it poured all over the table! Thankfully, the table is now sparkly clean (which is good because my parents don’t know about this). Only my hands are still stained. I suggest bleach, it works!

  58. I had that problem today because I’m fixing my printer. I tried Softsoap, acetone, and alcohol. I almost lost my hope because it’s all over my hand and stuck in my nails, so I tried the option of using detergent soap, and boy it works! Still a little left in my fingers, so I just used more acetone. Now my hands hurt so bad because it took me 3 hours to remove it.

  59. Bleach all the way! I got quite a bit of black printer inkjet ink on my hands the day of New Year’s Eve. What a mess! I first tried lighter fluid, and nothing. Then, solvent; still nothing. Then, 100% acetone, and still, nothing. Vim, nothing. Cleanser powder, nothing. Lemon juice, nothing. So, I decided to read the above comments once again. Bleach! Well, I had nothing to lose. It worked! The ink disappeared right away. Yay! I’m going to the New Year’s Eve party with no ink on my fingers! Thanks to everyone who suggested it. DO wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water afterwards, and don’t forget the hand cream! Have a great 2012, all!

  60. Domeston (bleach) did it for me. Nothing else worked.

  61. Grace and Lynn says:

    Pummus stone+ Avon skin oil + toothpaste + water + scrubbing= Clean hands!!! Free from ink!

  62. Jamie and Jordan says:

    Bleach really helped. My bother had ink all over his fingertips, and all we did was use a little cold water and bleach and it worked perfectly. :)

  63. BLEACH is the only thing that worked on my hands with black printer ink.

  64. Bleach. My hands that were dirty from black printer ink are clean NOW.

  65. I haven’t read all the posts, so I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but BODY LOTION works really well. Any lotion will work I suppose; just rub it on the ink spot, and wipe off with a towel. No harsh chemicals needed.

  66. I read all of these comments, so I sprayed my hands with hairspray and left it so it got a bit sticky and then I wiped with a baby wipe. After that, it was just a bit fainter, so I washed my hands with a soap bar and my hands are as good as new! 😀

  67. Ajax powder (with bleach) took a huge stain off my hand right away (leaking pen, two hours after).

  68. I got it off my knee by using hairspray and hand soap mixed with sugar.

  69. Thanks for the tip about the bleach. I tried to fill an ink cartridge and ended up with ink all over my hands in spite of what the directions said about it being fast and easy with no mess. I tried soap, alcohol, kitchen cleaner, etc., but the bleach took the ink off of my hands as fast as I could pour it on.

  70. Bleach worked wonders for me, THANK YOU! Now I can go to work tomorrow without looking like an idiot, lol!

  71. Baby wipes work great all by themselves. I just cleaned dried ballpoint ink off my toddler’s face with minimal rubbing and no fuss.

  72. After trying hairspray, vegetable oil, and pure acetone, all of which did nothing, Clorox cleanup worked right away!

  73. Hand Sanitizer! It works amazingly and comes off in seconds! Hands, surfaces; I have not tried it on clothing yet, haven’t been brave enough.

  74. The son of a very grateful father says:

    BLACK PRINTER INK went ALL OVER! Now, removing it from the sink was easy, but from hands it wasn’t easy at all. The things that worked for me were:

    Hand cream for 10 minutes, then wash off with a Brillo soap pad! T. was 100% correct! We tried oven cleaner and that took off about 90%, but the hand cream and Brillo soap pad took the last 10% off (don’t be put-off by the idea, but it does take a lot of scrubbing).

    My dad is also an eczema sufferer and we really didn’t want to use “hard” liquids that would harm the skin. Oven cleaner was our last resort and it worked but we wish we had read this before and used the Brillo soap pad. 😀


  75. My three-year- old son had ink all over his hands and my six-year-old niece came over with a bottle of hand sanitizer, and it came right off!

  76. So, I was filling the magenta ink and it became a disaster in the process. Shortening didn’t work and nail polish remover didn’t work, so I went looking for the bleach, but we were out of it. Found some Comet with bleach under the sink and had at it. Worked like a charm, and my hands don’t smell like bleach!

  77. I used it all: oil, hairspray, acetone, paint thinner, lacquer thinner. I scrubbed until my fingers turned red, but the ink stayed on my hands. Then I tried a drop of bleach and it was gone almost instantly! Sorry I didn’t see the bleach post first.

  78. Millie and Livz says:

    We tried EVERYTHING even toothpaste, hairspray, and baby oil. Then we tried hand sanitizer; it worked like a treat. Now our hands are sparkling clean! Shame we can’t say that for the creamy, blue, blotched carpet! xx

  79. If you are really determined, wash your hands a couple of times. Then use a face scrubber with soap, and use hot water. Keep on scrubbing for two to five minutes.

  80. I’ve tried them all, and believe me: the only solution that’s going to work is bleach. It is fantastic, guys!

  81. Use petrol! It works on the first go.

  82. I used the CISS printer and somehow the cable got dislodged and the printer ink smeared my hand. I diluted bleach (Clorox) with water, and washed my hands with soap afterwards. it worked like a charm for me.

  83. I tried hairspray, lava, etc., and none of it worked. Then I tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It cleaned it up immediately.

  84. I tried hairspray. It didn’t work, so then I used bleach and it all came right off!

  85. I couldn’t believe how well the bleach worked. Thanks, everyone!

  86. Michele says:

    The best thing to use is Clorox clean up with bleach spray. Spray directly on the ink stains on your hands, and wash with cold water. Works great and comes off right away.

  87. Clorox did it! Thank you!

  88. Kitchen spray cleaner with bleach took the ink pen off my thumb and fingernail!

  89. I, too, finally tried bleach; it was the best.

  90. Cigarette ash removes any kind of ink; hair color, printer ink, marker, whatever! Make a rag or paper towel just a little tiny bit wet, rub it in the ash, and rub the skin. :) It is a miracle. But sadly, that’s what goes into smokers’ lungs. :-/

  91. The ink in my printer leaked and both of my hands were covered in black ink. The Windex and bleach worked perfectly. I washed and rubbed with Windex first, rinsed, and then washed and rubbed with bleach. (Actually, the bleach was an all-purpose cleaner with bleach in it.) Perfect… Thank You!

  92. My husband was refilling our printer ink cartridge and got ink all over his hands and our desk. We tried Windex, baby oil, sugar and dish soap… pretty much everything. So, I read further and saw someone mentioned, “bleach.” We ran to the garage and my husband filed the rough skin on his hands with 240 sandpaper. The sandpaper got the dark parts and bleach got the rest. Bleach alone probably would have worked, but ‘what the hay’!

  93. My brother got fountain pen ink on his hands at school from a bunch of idiots! He came home and showed me the pen and the inevitable happened – ink on my hands too. I tried deodorant on both of us; no success.
    I then tried bleach on myself… Success! The ink came off easily, just be very careful with it.
    Fountain Pen Ink? Use bleach! 😉

  94. Use a pumice stone – it works fast. Just wet your hands, apply a little soap, then rub with the pumice stone. The pumice stone is usually on the back of a foot brush – one side looks like a grater and the other side is flat. I used that and ink was gone in just a few seconds

  95. After trying alcohol, acetone, baby oil, goop off, hair spray and a host of other remedies, my wife gave me one of her (Mr. Clean Magic Erasers) little white pads. Wow…it worked instantly. Just a little dish detergent, and the printer ink was gone. No odor, no burning and NO harmful side effects. It is soft like a sponge.

  96. I tried many of the suggestions, but the only one that worked was Clorox. It worked like magic. Clorox on – ink off. Then I washed a few times to get rid of the Clorox. Thanks for the help.

  97. Absolutely nothing works and I have a multi-million-dollar business deal to seal tomorrow and I think the ink on my hands is going to make my life really complicated! Please someone help.

  98. I had ink all over my arms and it was dried up. The hairspray worked perfectly. After I put the hairspray on my arm, I just grabbed a wash cloth and put some water on it. With a little scrubbing, it came right off.

  99. I was scared to put bleach on my hands. I got ink from my fountain pen all over my hands so I used baby oil, and that did 5%, then toothpaste and that didn’t do anything; Then lotion and still nothing. Then lorox or whatever those wipes are called – but I had a pumice stone soIi rubbed that and it worked like a charm. Also on the label of bleach it shows a hand stripped to the bone in a container to show that it’s not for skin……So unless you want to be a skeleton, beware!

  100. Use bleach, then toothpaste to kill the smell. Next time, I will use double gloves when refilling my inkjet cartridges.

  101. Try toothpaste – it work well on me!

  102. Wash your hands several times throughout the day with diluted bleach and then rinse your hands after each use of the diluted bleach. Scrub your hands with sandpaper several times throughout the day as well. After that, the ink should be gone.

  103. Bleach works!

  104. Just opened a refilled ink cartridge I bought online and it dripped ink all over my hands, floor, carpet and notebook. Lesson 1: don’t buy refilled cartridges to save money. I washed my hands immediately with soap and had little luck removing the ink. I read this forum and tried Soft Scrub with bleach. Great luck, but still some left. Then, I rinsed with bleach after washing off the Soft Scrub. The only remaining ink under three fingernails and I can live with that. Thanks to everyone who recommended the Soft Scrub and bleach. Now, I have on lots and lots of hand lotion. (I will work on the fingernails tomorrow.)

  105. I tried Windex, toothpaste and baby oil, and nothing worked. Finally, I tried good old fashioned bleach and it came right off.

  106. King Kong says:

    I have tried Windex, alcohol, vinegar and bleach. Only the bleach worked.

  107. How about lips? I touched my lips before I noticed that I had ink on my hands. I tried toothpaste, but it’s not working.

  108. Use hair spray. When you do, the pen ink might turn a different color. Wait a minute, then wash it off. ♥

  109. Ann and whomever else suggested hairspray; Yea! It was like I got shot and bled ink when I used the hairspray…I didn’t think it would work that quickly. What happened was that a pen broke and I didn’t know it so I basically spread it all over my left arm by mistake. Hairspray (I had Dove extra-hold spray) Works!

  110. 1. Foot scrub stone works fairly well on DRY hands.
    2. Bleach works great, but is not so “great” for your skin. So if you use bleach, remember to wash hands immediately (with lots of soap) and then use a lot of hand lotion.
    3. Toothpaste is prime if you want to get ink off of little kids or sensitive-skin people’s hands or other skin.

    Bleach is for external use only AND is only recommended for adults age 13 or older.

  111. Annette,
    Try coating your lips with shortening! You could also try applying nail polish remover and scrubbing with a cotton swab. If you have any stained dry skin, use an emery board to sand off the dead skin.

    Source: Reader’s Digest – 10 Ink Stain Solutions

  112. I spilled a considerable amount of black ink on my hands while replacing a cartridge. Tried hairspray, rubbing alcohol and strong soap; nothing worked. I tried bleach and it came out very easily. Don’t know how it would work on ladies hands, but it worked on mine.

  113. I used everything listed here; I just went down the line of comments. Hairspray did not work. Nail polish remover did not work. Windex, rubbing alcohol; none of it! I went for the bleach, but remembered that I have Soft Scrub with bleach and bingo! It took almost all of it off! The ink cartridge literally exploded in my hands so they were covered with black ink. The Soft Scrub worked!

  114. First and foremost, I would like to give a warning about mixing chemicals as some posters above have shared.
    Windex is made with ammonia. Clorox is made with chlorides. Mixing the two together creates Ammonium Chloride, which is a highly deadly gas. Getting this gas into your lungs makes it impossible to absorb oxygen, so it will suffocate you in very little time.
    If you try one, and it does not work, be sure to wash your hands in hot soapy water, before moving on to the next. This will remove most of the chemical residue. As with most above posts, I agree that Clorox or the likes of it will work the best all on it’s own. I know; I used to repair printers for a living and still work on my own often.

  115. Printer refill accident; black ink all over hands. My husband tried soap and water, dish soap, Windex; nothing really made much of an impression. We tried hairspray and got about 75% off, then bleach (a very dilute solution) and his hands are clean. Great, as we have a wedding to go to tomorrow.

  116. Go straight to the Clorox Clean Up spray to get ink off your skin. It took it right off!

  117. Bleach is the answer!

  118. Bleach is the answer! I used everything else!

  119. Use a hand sanitizer, then wash your hands. If it’s still not gone, then use Germ-X hand sanitizer, wipe it with a baby wipe, then wash it again. This helps if you try it out the same day you get ink on it, maybe even the same minute.

  120. Tried hair spray; it didn’t work. So I tried nail varnish remover; that didn’t work. I tried a Finish dishwasher tablet, rubbed into my fingers and hands, and hey presto; it worked. I just have to get my nails sorted now.

  121. Hairspray, toothpaste, etc. didn’t work. I ended up using washing-up liquid, a metal scrunchy and hair gel! Works fine! I’m never using a fountain pen again!

  122. Didn’t have anything else on hand but the bleach; it seemed a bit crazy to put bleach on my fingers, but the ink disappeared straight away. Just make sure you wash off any excess bleach straight away.

  123. Tried everything. NOTHING really worked except the bleach. Didn’t even have to scrub. My 9-year-old daughter had it all over her hands.

  124. My two friends wanted me to find out how to get ink off their hands because they think that I’m the smartest out of all of us. They keep on getting more and more ink on they’re hands and no, they can’t get it off!! We’ve tried everything!! I can’t get it off!!

  125. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Awesome.

  126. Bleach!! It was the ONLY thing that worked. I tried baby oil, facial scrub, body scrub, hairspray, Vaseline and cuticle oil. The bleach did the trick!

  127. Donna S says:

    Both hands were really ink stained. Gloves broke. Tried WD-40, alcohol, nail polish remover, scouring cream (it contains sand), Melaleuca glass cleaner (did quite well), peroxide (did better than alcohol), scouring powder…Bleach is the winner!

  128. Brenda says:

    Bleach did the trick – dissolved dried black ink right off!


  129. Jawaldo says:

    Thanks guys; this really helped a lot! :)

  130. Therese says:

    My seven-year-old girl got blue marker ink all over her hands. I used body scrub and nail brush – took it right off. Thanks. She has really soft hands now. :)

  131. Printer ink all over my hands.
    Toothpaste – NO.
    Hairspray – NO.

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – Yes!

    Thank you Mr. Clean!!!!

  132. Thank you all for your insight. Clorox did the trick on printer ink!

  133. My hand was covered in dried black ink from inking a craft project. I tried nail polish remover, dish soap, hairspray, alcohol… none of that worked. The thing that got it all off was hot water, soap, and a pumice stone! The pumice took it all off very, very easily! Worked practically like a Magic Eraser!

  134. D Roberts says:

    Bleach is like magic!!

  135. I think it’s easier to remove ink when it is not dry yet. Wash your hands with soap and water about twice. Don’t use just any soap; try using the liquid ones. I hope that works. Good luck.

  136. It really depends on what type of ink is on you. If it’s alcohol based (like Sharpie or professional art markers), rubbing alcohol or vinegar should do the trick along with an abrasive wash cloth or soap. Like dissolves like. Figure out what the ink is based on and then try to find a similar substance.

    For unlabeled ink, baby oil and a wash cloth works well.

  137. For printer ink, bleach is the only thing that removes it from skin and within just five seconds too! I tried the nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol and others mentioned above – nothing worked except the bleach. Quick and easy! Thank you. A+

  138. Donna … Alcohol works perfect. Thanks for the great suggestion. My daughter is two months old and we need to apply for her passport. Even in this 21st century, my embassy demands ink stamps which they later scan onto the passport… Ridiculous… They can just use a digital scanner in the first place. I’m happy to have come across this site. Now I can get ink off my little one once we apply for her passport.

  139. Try bleach…it works well. :)

  140. I just got printer ink all over my hands! I tried bleach because the majority of the people on here said bleach works and sure enough, bleach got every little stain off my hands. You can’t tell they were covered in blue, purple, yellow and black ink. Trust me; USE BLEACH FOR INK AND MARKER STAINS!!

  141. Thanks everyone for all their suggestions! I was angry, so I decided to draw on my feet (don’t ask why) and I was drawing on the ball of my foot (where all my calluses are). Then, the next day, I went over it. I’m really smart. -_- Anyway, I had ball point pen ingrained on my foot. It took: toothpaste, hairspray (wait until it’s sticky and then wash it off), dish soap with sugar, everything. But the ones I listed mostly helped. I hope I learn from this!!

  142. I tried the hairspray, Windex and then used Gumption and it removed most of it by scrubbing. Then, I used bleach as suggested and it worked, but it stung like mad so hopefully I won’t ever have to do this again. The bleach is easy and it worked straight away.

  143. I tried a few things, but bleach worked straight away. If you haven’t tried anything, I would go with the bleach; it’s great.

  144. I wear rubber gloves now when I refill. Before that I used good old Brillo pads.
    I use Noxzema cleansing cream to remove indelible ink marker from my rewritable CDs. Works great. See ya.

  145. Charlette says:

    The ink dried on my hands and I tried hairspray…Didn’t do it! I tried alcohol…Didn’t do it! I tried Windex…Didn’t do it! I tried dish liquid and sugar…Didn’t do it! But when I tried bleach it came right off!!!

  146. Make a paste with Ajax/Comet: Place a teaspoon of Ajax in a dish. Soak cotton ball with water and squeeze all excess water out of cotton ball; dip the damp cotton ball in the Ajax so that you wind up with more Ajax than water on the cotton ball, and rub the printer ink off your hands: Presto!
    Wash your hands with regular hand soap and water immediately after to remove any residual Ajax from your hands.


  148. Any other remedy which would be available at home?

  149. Rhythm,
    The article How to Clean Stains from Hands/Skin suggests using salt and lemon juice for really tough stains.

  150. I couldn’t believe it, but it worked GREAT: window cleaner and Clorox.
    Like magic. Stings eyes though and throat. Just a little.

  151. The Windex worked really good. I’ve found that rubbing alcohol works good too.

  152. I just got a whole bunch of ink all over my hands at work and couldn’t find any of the things listed above, but I found Mr.Clean Magic Pads and scrubbed my fingers with that and it worked. Make sure to wash your hands really well after though!

  153. All I can say: BLEACH worked fast.

  154. This is good info.

  155. Bleach and a general purpose scouring pad will take the ink right off.

  156. Stephanie says:

    Magenta ink all over my hands. Dense amounts of ink. UGH.
    Hairspray, salt scrub, lemon got first layers and took me almost an hour.
    Out came the concentrated Clorox bleach…hands clean in minutes.
    I hate to think about bleach in my bloodstream now, but I hate more the idea of living with magenta hands.

  157. My hand was covered by ink… I tried paint thinner, alcohol, gasoline, olive oil and detergent, but none of them worked… Then, I tried BLEACH and it worked. :)

  158. Dick from Vegas says:


  159. Chrissy from The UK says:

    To remove black inkjet ink from your hands:
    1. Splash some bleach in one palm and quickly rub it over the stains.
    2. Add water and continue rubbing for a few seconds more.
    3. Rinse hands well in cold or tepid water before it starts to sting (or until it stops!) .
    4. Wash hands thoroughly using gentle soap and water for about 2 minutes.
    5. Moisturize.
    6. Hope that your skin will soon stop smelling like a swimming pool and promise yourself you’ll only ever buy overpriced branded ink cartridges in future.

  160. Why is everyone so mean? I love being on people’s hands and if you remove me, that’s just a waste of expensive ink. And I’m lucky because no one has removed me yet.

  161. I work in IT and am always getting ink from inkjet printers on my hands. I have tried everything in the book (and the stuff listed here) to get it off before going home every evening. The only things that have ever worked for me are the waterless hand cleaner that mechanics use for removing grease and good old household bleach. Nothing I’ve tried is as good and as fast as bleach.

  162. I was drawing a picture with pen and I had to write a reminder, but I had no more paper left or anything so I wrote with a black pen on my hand. The reminder reminded me what I needed to know, but after I used hairspray and it didn’t work so after that I took a shower, brought a hand towel in the shower and got body wash and put the body wash on the towel and scrubbed my hands really hard (it didn’t hurt my hands) and it came off!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. It took a few minuets, but I got almost all off it off, and the pen you can see is barley there.

  163. Soft Scrub with bleach worked well…thanks a lot Walter.

  164. I’ve tried many methods on here to remove ink from my hands and none worked except for bleach, which took it off instantly.

  165. I held a lighter under a dry ballpoint cartridge to get in flow started and the cartridge blew, leaving me with blue inky hands. Methyl Ethyl Ketone or lacquer thinner removed about half of it, followed by toothpaste, which got off another quarter, then Windex followed by bleach made the stains nearly unnoticeable. (My hands are really clean now!)

  166. Hand sanitizer works great! Use a tissue to wipe it off (not water)!

  167. We tried all of these things posted as my husband had it on his hands bad from helping me change ink in a printer. He was trying the hair spray and I sprayed a little Clorox cleaner from a bottle and mine went almost instantly. After he tried all of these, the Clorox spray cleaner did it so quick for him too.

  168. I got printer ink all over my hands last night. Read some of the comments on here and went straight for the bleach. No joy! Plus, it stank to high heaven! I actually managed to get more ink off by scrubbing with a Huggies baby wipe than I did with the bleach! Hands are still covered in ink, but it’s not as prominent as before. I think the only thing that really gets rid of ink is time.

  169. I’m 13, so like other kids, I write stuff on my palm and most of the time the pen ink come right off, but this time it didn’t. So, I tried everything. Toothpaste did not work; it just burned. Nail polish remover did nothing. Soap took some of the ink off and Listerine, no, don’t even try; long story, but it burned. Finally, Lysol disinfect and spray water on a rag, that did the trick. Take it from a kid. Have good day and may GOD bless your life.

  170. Lemon juice works great to take ink off skin!!

  171. Inky Fingers says:

    I’m 14, and I’ve tried hairspray, but it simply fades the ink, not removes it. I really don’t want to use bleach, and I don’t possess the brand names. I am stuck. What can I do?

  172. I used bleach and it came off in SECONDS!! Of course, you need to wash your body part off with soap and water immediately and then apply some lotion to soften your body from the drying of the bleach. :)

  173. I was changing out the black ink cart on my printer and black ink spilled from it and got ALL over my left hand!! I tried hairspray, Dawn dish soap and Lava soap. Nothing worked!! I read on this page about bleach. So, I go to my laundry cabinet and get the bleach. Poured it all over my hand, and voila!!! It WORKED!!!! Yay! Thank you sooo much!!

  174. Stephanie says:

    I got printer ink all over my fingers. I sprayed them with vinegar and then added baking soda, rubbed, and washed with water. The ink came off.

  175. Jackie C says:

    BLEACH!! Worked the BEST!! I tried hairspray, Dawn dish soap and sugar, and straight rubbing alcohol…nothing worked. Small amount of bleach took the ink right off my fingers without even rubbing them together. Thank God; I thought I was gonna be walking around with inked fingers lol.

  176. I’m 18 and get ink all over my hands from my fountain pen pretty much every day at school.

    Usually I don’t care. In fact, I quite like getting it on me, and if I clean it off I just get more ink on me the next day.

    However, sometimes I need to drive somebody somewhere and then I like to get the ink off as everyone in the car can see it clearly when I’m driving. So, then I will use a very small amount of diluted bleach, which shifts most of it. Then my hands are almost spotless, only bit where the ink doesn’t seem to come off completely is my thumb.

  177. I tried Clorox disinfectant wipes. They are raised on one side of the cloth, which helped with scrubbing. It doesn’t come off all at once, but continued scrubbing with the wipe does a pretty good job.

  178. I was sitting at the table revising for a SAC with some fineliners and flicked ink everywhere. On my skin, the table, everywhere. Because I acted fast enough, I was able to get rid of the stains on the table, but not my skin. Mum told me once to use toothpaste. I did and it worked fabulously!

  179. I refilled mine about an hour ago and got blue and black ink all over my hands. I scrubbed them with washing up liquid and powder, and didn’t get rid of it all, but faded it to be honest. Then I tried the WD-40, but that didn’t work, so I thought I’d try the bleach and just like magic, it worked! All black and blue ink is gone. As I had more blue ink than black, I can now go out and people will not think I’m something out of Avatar.

  180. I got red ink on my hands from a powdered ink set and it took about four sprays of hairspray and foamy soap to wash it off, but it worked. (Warning! STINGS PAPERCUTS!!!! D: )

  181. Chlorine works very well to get it of your face and hand. I had ink on my hand, and when I went in the pool and got out, the ink was gone. Bye-bye ink.

  182. Bleach on a rag got off day-old DARK BLUE ink from my hands from a Precise V7 Pilot pen. The pen had been left in the hot car by someone – not me – who shall go unnamed, and when I picked it up from the dining room table, it burst open on my hands! I got a good bit off at first with alcohol, but not all of it came off. I have an important meeting in two days. I was panicking. It was not coming off! The straight bleach on a wet rag did the trick in no time flat! Thanks to all for commenting on this board!!!


    I tried everything to get off the black ink from my fingers.
    I tried the cleaning fluid that came with the ink refill kit, alcohol, hairspray, charcoal lighter fluid, lava soap, hand cream, carburetor cleaner spray, and nothing worked, until I tried bleach.
    I folded a paper towel into a very small square and soaked it in bleach. Then, wiped the bleach on my fingers and presto, the ink was gone.
    Just remember to wash your hands with soap and water after using the bleach to remove the ink.

  184. I had ink cartridge ink all over my hands after attempting to refill them. Not worth the hassle after all. The Clorox bleach on a wet wash cloth took the printer ink right off with very little effort. Rinse your hands well afterwards to get the bleach residue off and good as new!

  185. I refill my Canon printer ink cartridges myself and when using the gloves that come with it (similar to hair coloring gloves) apparently there was a hole in one so the ink leaked through and covered one of my fingers solid in black ink. I tried Windex and hair spray, and neither worked.

  186. NEVER EVER use windex and bleach as suggested by some!! Most Windex has ammonia and that mix with bleach releases toxic fumes!!!!! Fumes can be fatal!!!!

  187. Straight bleach; done deal.

  188. Don’t use bleach. This could extremely damage your hands and can get to the bottom layers of your skin. No matter how many people say bleach is a done job, it’s not. You may have pain and smelly skin for weeks, or months.
    Printer ink: Please apply 10 layers of liquid soap and scrub with your hands very hard. Then rinse. After that, grab a wash towel and scrub!!!!! HARD!!!!!!! This works. 93% satisfaction guarantee!

  189. Dawn dish soap and baking soda; mix 50/50. It makes a paste that takes ink, even hair dye, off skin.

  190. I literally had a full ink cartridge explode in my hands; I was covered in black ink. The comment not to let your hands dry was not helpful, since I had to dry them to go online and find out what to do. I tried the hairspray and while it lightened it, it didn’t remove it. The Soft Scrub worked like a charm! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  191. I had glitter and pen on my hand, so I tried water, soap, toothpaste, & perfume; it got half of the ink off and all of the glitter off.

  192. My three-year-old granddaughter pulled the ink pad out of a stamper and covered both her hands front and back and got some on her face. I tried some of the suggested remedies: toothpaste, hairspray, and dish soap with sugar, and they all barely dulled it. I decided to try bleach and made sure to have a warm rag to immediately wash off the excess bleach and after about 30 minutes of working at it, they both came almost clean. Only a bit left under her fingernails, but MUCH better than they originally were.

  193. Bleach! I practically had both hands covered in black in from a printer.
    I read about bleach.
    Put both hands in a container of straight bleach and within seconds, all of it was off. Great!

  194. Yep, the only thing that worked for me was bleach…make sure you use diluted and rinse very well.

  195. I used Ajax with bleach and scrubbed. It worked perfect; like it never happened.

  196. My two-year-old grandson had ballpoint pen ink on his arms, hands, and legs for three days. The bleach worked quickly. On his skin, I treated small areas at a time and immediately washed his skin with warm water and plain soap, then went to the next area. After he wasn’t blue anymore, I rewashed his skin and followed with baby lotion.

  197. Straight BLEACH took it all off and my hands were covered.

  198. I have to say, I had a black ink cartridge blow up in my hand; that was one Monday. I just read what everyone said, so I tried the Soft Scrub and all the ink is gone like magic. Thank you all very much; it really did work.

  199. Bleach works and gets it off quick.

  200. I'm a muslim. says:

    For ballpoint ink: Perfume (From personal experience, it works on skin quite efficiently. I’d imagine a perfume-damp cotton, or a hard tissue would provide less perfume usage with similar results.) Have a good day.

  201. I used low alcohol hand sanitizer! It took everything off and bonus, no germs!!

  202. Instant cleaner…ladies leg hair remover…10 seconds, then wash.

  203. I also found that using body sugar and liquid soap work great. I did try dishwashing liquid and sugar, but no it didn’t do anything.

  204. Caitlin says:

    I found the dish soap and sugar the most easy, and it cleans jewelry.

  205. I tried everything, from baby oil to toothpaste, and I was about to give up when I found shaving foam, so I tried that and left it on for about 2 minutes and it came off straight away!!!

  206. Michael says:

    Bleach did it right away.

  207. Kcajvar says:

    Clorox Cleanup is da bomb! Spray it on over the sink, leave 30 seconds, rub lightly and the ink is gone; rinse well immediately with water and mild soap, then rub in some decent hand cream.

  208. Comet with bleach!

  209. I recently got ink all over my hands while trying to fix my printer. A lot of it was dried in. I tried all the methods of removing ink listed on this site and none worked. I finally tried a method of my own just at random and it worked a treat. I used bicarbonate of soda. I covered my hands in it and gave them a good scrub and rinsed thoroughly and to my surprise, nearly all the ink came off. Also, it’s a lot safer than bleach. Especially on a child.

  210. I tried everything mentioned but nothing worked except the bleach. About 5 hours after the printer ink leaked all over my hands, I was still trying lotion, alcohol, soaps, but the stains were only faded a little. I dilute bleach in a spray bottle and use it for all types of cleaning, so finally I sprayed a little on my fingers and the hours-old stains were gone in seconds! Why didn’t I use that in the first place!!

  211. I use WD-40. I spray it on an older, (more rough texture) face towel and just wipe it right off…my 19-month-old covered his legs in black in last night. And when I say covered, I mean from the knee up it was black and so were the tops of his feet. The ink came off so easily, his skin didn’t even get red from rubbing it off. After it was off, I took some baby shampoo and scrubbed his legs like I would do in the tub. Viola!! No more ink, or dirt lol. Obviously spot test for any adverse skin reactions. I’m not a Dr. I’m a mother of 3 boys ages 10, 3, & 1. So I’m an expert.

  212. My daughter-in-law got black printer ink all over her hand so I checked to see what to use. She was afraid to use the bleach, tried everything else, so I said what about SOS pads…and it worked pretty well.

  213. Clorox did the trick for me.

  214. I was replacing the ink cartridge (red) and it leaked. I had red hands and didn’t know how to remove it right away. I found this page and took the advise of using Windex. It didn’t do the job. So I kept reading, and found that if I used Dawn, sugar, and kosher salt, and the Windex, and raised with alcohol, that did the job for me.

  215. Blue Cross Cuticle Remover if all else fails. It’s what we use to remove stubborn make-up blood on movies. Just bought my first fountain pen and made quite a mess of myself. I tried dish soap and 99% alcohol first. The cuticle remover worked the best. Use it with a heel scrubber to remove callouses from your feet when you’re in the shower, and bits of extra cuticles around toe and finger nail beds.

  216. Hairspray!

  217. My five-year-old just got ink on her hands from an exploded pen and read the suggestion for dish soap and sugar, and it worked great!! Used Seventh Generation Orange dish soap and organic cane sugar; Don’t use chemicals, sprays or “soaps” with chemicals! :)

  218. I used nail polish remover, then hairspray, then Windex and the rough side of a sponge, and then coconut oil. It worked amazingly!

  219. Toothpaste! The best…

  220. All your ideas are terrible. Just put hairspray on for 1 hour (on skin) and use a wipe, then wash with running water and soap… Then, ‘POOF!’; it’s gone. 😏

  221. Got printer ink all over my hands. Normally it would not bother me, but tomorrow I am going to a Christmas play and out to dinner. I tried the polish remover, Lava soap, baby oil & even paint thinner. They didn’t do much of anything. Tried hair spray & that did a little better! Tried Clorox & bingo, no more ink! This was a last resort. Now to get the Clorox smell from my hands. I am continuously washing with scented hand soap & applying lotion. Hopefully by tomorrow there will be no trace of my goof!

  222. Ok, so I read everything you guys wrote, and I decided to try my own thing. My kid came home after playing with stamps and had black ink all over his hands, and conveniently has a Christmas concert tonight, so I needed something fast. I first clipped the nails (to get rid of ink under the nails) and used a nail scrubber with soap and water to start. Then, I used mineral oil, let it sit for 10 minutes, then used a cotton ball to wipe it away, then I used soap and water. Then, I used baking soda (which is amazing); let it sit for a few minutes. Then, washed that away with soap and water. Done and done. Hope this can help someone. God bless. =)

  223. BLEACH. I tried all the others and ONLY BEACH WORKS, so save yourself the scrubbing and just use beach on your skin.

  224. I tried Soft Scrub with bleach. It worked great. Thanks for those who recommended it.

  225. I tried Windex and hairspray with not much luck. Bleach was the answer! Thanks for the recommendation.

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