How to Clean Shower Doors with a Steam Cleaner


Linda  asked: How do I clean glass shower doors with the steam cleaner? I have soap scum and water spots on the glass. What is the best way to get rid of both? Thanks.

Soap scum can be difficult to remove and becomes hard as cement with age. While steam cleaners can make the cleaning job easier, they cannot remove the soap scum on their own. Still, they are a valuable cleaning tool. Begin by blasting the doors with the steam to remove the top layer of dirt and soap. Next, use our soap scum removal methods to finish the job. Once the soap scum is cleaned and/or loosened, use the steamer to remove the remaining dirt. The quick-drying steam will leave virtually no spots, so that problem will be taken care of as well.

There are also products available that can be added to the water container or the filter. These will cut through the soap scum and allow for easier removal. Regular cleanings can be completed with only the steam cleaner to keep soap scum and build up at a minimum.


  1. M&W Insulated Glass says:

    There are several ways to prevent you from having a tough time cleaning rust from glass shower doors.

    1) Daily Cleaning: By cleaning you shower daily, you will prevent the glass from getting rust.

    2) Special Coatings: Sealed glass is said to be self cleaning – a polymer coating that helps repel water into water droplet beads, which tend to roll off the glass making the squeegee work easier, called Tecon.

    • You must be very careful about the cleaners used or the sealant coating will wear off.
    • Another disadvantage of Tecon is that it must reportedly be applied before the glass is tempered.

    3) Shower Guard: It is a special glass for showers that do not need cleaning. They are more expensive, but do not require any cleaning.

    Hope this helps you. Thank you.

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