How to Darken Slate


Gloria asked: Is there a product that can darken slate? I have a multi-colored, Chinese, “soft” slate. The professional who cleaned the grout, damaged it by chipping the slate in multiple areas. When I wipe it with a wet cloth, those lighter, chipped areas seem to blend in better. Do you have something that could darken the slate, or do you recommend a remedy?

Most likely, when the professional chipped away the bits of slate, it exposed a fresh, unsealed surface. You may find that applying the same sealant to the chipped areas will restore their original color and help them to blend in with the other areas. There are also stone color enhancers that can be applied to slate to darken the color. Both of these items are available at many home improvement stores and from the flooring companies that you purchased your slate from. If you are unable to find a product that meets your needs, contact the manufacturer for their recommendation.

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