How to Organize a Bedroom


Having a bedroom that looks like a disaster area will not only make it hard to find things, it could also make it difficult for you to sleep at night. This is not just because you can’t get to the bed with all the junk on the floor. Your bedroom is a place to go to clear your thoughts. It’s much easier to do that when the room itself is clean.

*If you share your bedroom you may want to make this a couple’s activity. Or at least consult your partner before you throw out his or her stuff.

Pick everything up off the floor

Of course you will have to start with the stuff on the floor, since it can be difficult to get to the other parts of the room unless you deal with these piles first. If you also have stuff on the bed – besides sheets and blankets of course – throw it on the floor too. Yes, you read right. Throw it on the floor. You will need a flat open space to work with, and right now the bed is a better bet.

Once you have everything on the floor you will want to pick it up and put it on the bed – but neatly. Before you do that you will want to create three piles: a keep pile, a giveaway pile and a trash pile. Items in the keep pile can go on the bed as is. Those in the giveaway or trash pile should be put in a box or a trash bag, respectively.

Take inventory of your keep items and see if they actually belong in the bedroom. Items like dog toys and screwdrivers should be put back where they belong. After this, you should be left with basically clothing and maybe some books and electronics. Leave them be on the bed for now.

Empty the dressers and closets

Now you will want to go through the closets and dressers and create three piles all over again. Since the floor is now clear you can use it as your sorting area. Leave clothing that is already on hangers that way and try not to unfold folded clothing. It will save you some time when putting it back.

Hang up or fold clothing

Chances are you will have some clothes that was simply wadded up or thrown in a heap. Sort through this clothes and determine which is dirty and which is clean. Of course, you will want to wash the dirty clothes before you put it away, so throw it in the hamper or in the hallway for now. Take the clean clothes and fold it up to put in a drawer or put it on hanger.

If you’re hanging your clothes be sure to use hangers that are appropriate to the item of clothing. For example, skirts and dresses may need hangers with clips so that they don’t fall on the floor. Same with ties and scarves. Make sure your hangers all face the same way in the closet so they don’t get tangled up.

Also, if you share a room, divide the closet in half or use separate ones if you can. This will help with frantically grabbing clothes to wear in the morning. You won’t grab a men’s button down when you’re looking for a skirt.

If you’re putting your clothes in drawers organize your drawers according to type of clothing, such as t-shirts, jeans, socks, etc. Any item you have a lot of should get its own drawer, even if that means pajama pants or kilts. This will make it much easier to find things when you get dressed in the morning. Feel free to have a miscellaneous extras drawer for items that don’t fit anywhere else.

It may sound a little hokey, but go ahead and label your drawers if you can’t remember where you put things. You can always take the labels off when you have company. Got a roommate? Separate drawers or even dressers are the way to go.

*If you have too much clothing for your amount of closet or drawer space, consider packing the clothes that is out of season up and putting it in your attic.

Too Many Shoes?
Okay, so you can’t have too many shoes, but if you end up with a pile of shoes on the floor with nowhere for them to go, buy a hanging shoe rack and put it in the closet or get a freestanding one and put it against the wall. No one likes tripping over stiletto pumps at three in the morning.

Wash the dirty clothes and the sheets

Since you have been neglecting your bedroom, in all likelihood you have not washed your sheets in a while. Strip the bed and take all of your bedding to the laundry room. Bring your dirty clothing with you too and give everything a good washing, no matter how many loads it takes. You want to start out with a clean slate.

Make the bed

Nothing makes a bedroom look better than a nice, freshly made bed. Don’t forget the hospital corners. Then hang up or fold all of your newly clean clothes.

Organize dresser tops

Now that you’ve got your clothing taken care of, you can move on to other things you might have in your bedroom, like books, cosmetics or DVDs. As far as books and DVDs go, decide if you really need them in the bedroom or if they’d be better off in the living room, office or den. If they are there to stay, stop by your local house wares store and pick up racks or shelving to accommodate them. Freestanding shelves will give you more room on your dresser top. Don’t have the floor space? Hang them on the wall.


The last step to a satisfyingly clean bedroom is to dust and vacuum or sweep. It should be easy to do now that you’ve removed the clutter from the floor and furniture.

Keeping your bedroom clean

Once your bedroom is clean, you will want it to stay that way. Avoid ending up with another mess by putting away your clothing as soon as it passes through the doorway. Make a vow to sweep or vacuum the floor and do laundry once a week or sooner if the hamper is full.


  1. Devan says:

    Wow, I’m shocked this worked, I followed the rules of cleaning and my mom said that my room looks like a magazine!!!

  2. Laverne says:

    Thanks for the information on organizing because I really needed it.
    I do need to get a few things, like a bookshelf, a clothes hamper or two, and a shoe rack, but I have every intention of getting my bedroom in order and keeping it that way.

    I appreciate you so much.

  3. Melanie says:

    Upcycling is another great way to get organized, and fast!
    You could make a bookshelf out of boxes and binder clips, or you could use newspapers to make a bookshelf or clothes hamper. You could even make a bookshelf out of magazines or an end table! The books themselves can become a shelf – either as a cubby bookshelf or as a wall shelf. Chairs are another great option for a convenient wall rack and you can hang a chair rack right-side-up or upside-down. For the shoe rack, pick up an empty wine box from your local liquor store or save your milk or juice cartons to make a shoe rack. Another great trick; use an empty wine bottle to hold your boots up! You could also use glass bottles to make a bookshelf.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Unfortunately, this article didn’t help me much, as I share a room with my sister and am not allowed to touch things which belong to her and she won’t help me, as well as the fact that I have no space whatsoever in my entire room to put everything whilst sorting it.

  5. Ashley says:

    Honestly, this will not work because I need more details like, how about the floor?

  6. Tina says:

    Thanks for the clear method to get through all of the organizing. I’ve tried doing it a little at a time, but I think your suggestion of taking everything out of the drawers and closet will tackle the main problem of too much stuff. Now, if I could just get my husband to clean up his half! (For those of you thinking I should do it for him, I say no thank you. As he told me many years ago, he does not need another mother.)

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