How to Organize A Move


Some Random Tips For Organizing a Move

  • When you know you’ve got a move coming up, don’t wait until the very last minute to pack! Start a couple of weeks in advance, that way you have time to pack things right. You can get more boxes if you need them, take your time and keep everything organized. Just do a few boxes worth a day, and set them in a predefined area in your home when they’re ready to go. Easy!
  • It’s hard to score decent cardboard boxes for moving. We’ve always had the best luck waiting until around midnight when most 24-hour department stores are restocking the shelves and then heading out to raid their empty boxes.
  • Take apart everything you possibly can, coffee tables, couches, all of your furniture. This should not only make them easier to move, but also less bulky and less prone to damage.

    Any parts like screws, nuts and bolts can be put into a zip-lock bag and taped to the item that it belongs to (or you could just write what it’s for on the bag with a magic marker and keep all of the bags in one place)

  • Only move the items that you need. Start well enough in advance so you can discard or sell items that you either won’t need or won’t fit in your new space. It saves you valuable time and shipping costs to unload the extra “stuff” before you pack!
  • A lot of Uhaul places have a bin for FREE packing paper and boxes…a lot of the time if a box has a ding…they can’t sell it, so they will mark is as free. And if the paper is folded or wrinkly they can’t sell it (who cares you’re wrapping it and wrinkling it anyway) 😉 This certainly helped me when i was moving and short a couple of boxes.

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