How to Prepare Your Garment for the Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaning asked: What should I do before bringing my garment to the dry cleaners?

Getting the most out of your cleaner, takes some preparation on your part as well. Here are simple steps to prepare your garment and ensure your cleaning experience is pleasant and successful.

Dry Cleaning Prep

  1. Check the tags for cleaning instructions. While most garments are safe to dry clean, not all of them are. Be sure that the care instructions indicate that the garment is safe to dry clean.
  2. Check the garment for any worn or weak areas. It is helpful to point these out so that your garment isn’t returned damaged. This includes loose buttons, broken zippers, etc. Some dry cleaners have tailors or alterations available that may be able to fix these problems as well.
  3. Also, check for any stains or dirty areas. These can be marked with papers or masking tape to make them easier to find. Either place masking tape around or on top of the stain, or safety pin a piece of paper over the stain. This will help the cleaner locate all of the stains so they can treat them right away. This can also be done for areas that hold an odor such as armpits, etc.
  4. If you use paper, write the type of stain and when it occurred on the paper. This will be helpful information for the cleaners as well.
  5. Check all of the pockets for any items that you don’t want to take along.
  6. If you have several items to point out to the cleaners, arrive during a slow time so that you will not be rushed and forget something important.

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