How to Remove Burnt On Food and Soot from a Glass Oven Door


Cly asked: How do I remove crispy, black, sooty build up of food baked on for about a year? I rented my house and the renters never cleaned the oven. The inside is as black as coal. The tips I have found are for grease build up, but the problem I am trying to remove is burnt on food. Many thanks ahead of time.

Burnt food and soot on an oven door can be a real headache to remove. Since the problem is more than grease or minor splashes and burns, we will tackle this the same way one would clean a wood stove glass door. There are products available that are safe to use on glass and will remove some of the toughest soot and burnt on ash. Follow these guidelines to salvage your oven without losing your mind.

You Will Need:

  • Wood Stove Glass Cleaner
  • Water
  • Soft cloths

Steps to Remove the Burnt on Soot:

Wood stove glass cleaner is available from wood stove shops as well as home improvement stores (during the winter seasons). It is a cleaning gel that is applied to the surface of the glass and contains light abrasives that will remove the burnt on food and soot without damaging the glass.

  1. Moisten a soft cloth with water.
  2. Apply the glass cleaner to the cloth.
  3. Rub the cleaner over the blackened glass.
  4. It does not require excessive pressure to remove the soot, but does require consistent rubbing.
  5. Work in small sections and take breaks as needed.
  6. If the build up is thick, it will take plenty of time and elbow grease to get it off, but it will come off with repeated applications.
  7. Once clean, rinse the entire glass area with a clean cloth moistened with water.

Additional Tips and Advice

  • If the glass cleaner is not available, ash can also be used. Simply dip a moistened cloth into some loose ash and rub it over the glass.
  • One brand to consider using is Rutland Conditioning Glass Cleaner. Although, there are a variety of cleaners available.

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