How to Remove Cement and Sand from Granite


David asked: I have granite steps leading from the street to my front door. As a result of a sloppy plasterer, there are splatters of sand and cement render all over them. Some of this is “soft” and comes off with a wire brush. Some of it is set pretty hard. Also, some of it is very thin and appears as a skin on top of the concrete. Is there a cleaning agent of any sort I can use to “soften” it before cleaning with the wire brush? Or any other suggestions for cleaning it?Also, once cleaned, is there a treatment I can use to brighten up and protect the Granite?

Granite is one of the strongest natural stones available and provides a unique look to any entryway. It can tolerate a lot of cleaning chemicals with little to no damage. When removing hardened substances such as sand and cement, caution needs to be taken as harsh acids and chemicals are used in these removers. Always test a small area first and proceed cautiously, watching for unwanted effects. Once the cement and sand are removed, the surface can be restored with a good quality granite polish and sealant.

You Will Need:

  • Granite Crystals
  • Brick acid (test a small area first to check for damage)
  • Cement Film Remover
  • Protective Clothing and Gear
  • Pressure washer

Steps to Remove the Cement and Sand:

  1. There are several cleaners listed above that will cut through both soft and set concrete.
  2. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for application instructions.
  3. Once the cement is softened, either brush it away with a wire brush or utilize a pressure washer to remove.
  4. Be sure to use protective gear to protect yourself as many of these products use harsh chemicals and acids.

Additional Tips and Ideas

  • When the surface is clean and free of all the cement and sand, applying a good quality sealant will help restore the shine while offering additional protection from future wear.

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