How to Remove Micropore Tape from a Fleece Blanket


Teresa asked: How do I remove a couple pieces of 3M Micropore tape from a fleece blanket? I have a king size fleece blanket with some pieces of 3M micropore tape stuck to the surface. It’s very uniformly attached to the fleece…unfortunately! How can I remove it?

Micropore tape is designed to adhere strongly to the surface. It is commonly used for medical purposes. Unlike other adhesives, alcohol does not loosen the adhesive bond on micropore tape, so other methods are necessary. Removing the tape requires careful peeling and sometimes adhesive removers. Try these methods below to loosen and remove the tape.

You Will Need:

  • Moisturizing lotion
  • Medical grade adhesive remover
  • Patience

Steps to Remove the Tape:

  1. Begin by loosening a corner or edge of the tape. This can be accomplished by lifting an edge with your fingernail or pulling up gently with tweezers.
  2. If the edge does not come loose, apply a moisturizing lotion to the areas around the tape.
  3. Once the edge loosens, peel it back on top of itself. Avoid pulling it off at an angle, as this will likely pull off more of the blanket fibers.
  4. Continue pulling the tape back and if it gets stuck, apply more moisturizer.
  5. Work in small sections until the tape is removed.
  6. If the moisturizer does not break the adhesive bond, use a medical grade adhesive remover. This can be purchased online or you may be able to obtain some from the doctor who applied the tape to begin with.

Additional Tips and Advice

  • Though normal adhesive removers can be used, they are likely not strong enough for the adhesives used in micropore tape.
  • Slow, steady removal is the key to avoiding damage to the blanket.
  • If all else fails, contact the company that manufactured the tape and ask them what the best way to remove it would be.

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