How to Remove Pilling from Fleece


Julie asked: How do I remove fuzzy’s from a ¬†fleece jacket? The jacket is black and the fuzzy’s are red. I accidentally washed my jacket with a red towel.

Pilling, little balls of lint, can build up on fleece for several reasons. Sometimes, it’s the agitation in the washing machine and friction with other fabrics and other times it just builds up over time as the fuzzy fibers get tangled together. Fortunately, it’s easy to remove with a little time and effort. Follow the step below to remove pills and get your fleece looking great.

You Will Need:

  • Fabric shaver or sweater shaver
  • Disposable razor
  • Wide tape

Steps to Remove the Pilling:

  1. If you have a fabric shaver (available at any fabric or department store), simply turn it on and rub it along the surface of the fabric. These handy devices have a screen with small holes that allow the lint and pills to enter in. Then, a small fan-like blade cuts them off and removes them from the surface of the fabric. There is no damage to the surface of the fabric because the screen keeps the blade a safe distance away.
  2. If you do not have a fabric shaver, you can achieve the same removal by carefully shaving the fabric with a disposable razor. Simply run the razor along the fabric to cut away the pills. Use light pressure to the fabric does not become scarred or cut.
  3. As the lint is removed, it will fall to the table, floor or whatever you’re working on. To remove this quickly, wrap some wide tape around your hands so the sticky part is on the outside and press onto the removed lint.

Additional Tips and Ideas

  • Complete all of the lint removal when the clothing piece is completely dry for the best results.
  • If there are no disposable razors available, you can GENTLY scrape the pilling away with a sharp knife. Use caution not to cut the fabric or yourself!


  1. After washing a 100% polyester Silken fleece jacket, how to I get it to ‘fluff up” like it was new??

  2. Like to know how to remove lint off table; it’s from a fleece lining on back of table covers. Please help.

  3. Madeline,
    It sounds like you might have excess furniture polish on the table that the lint is sticking to. Try using this article to remove the polish, which should also remove the lint: How to Remove Furniture Polish from Wood.

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