How to Remove Slurpee Stains


James asked: How do I  remove Slurpee stains from clothing? A Slurpee stain is on my shirt from two days ago. I have tried stain remover and rubbing alcohol.

Slurpee stains are similar to juice and kool-aid stains. Prompt attention is a key part of successful removal.

Stain Removal Advice:

  • If the slurpee stain is red or purple, follow the instructions in the guide How to Remove Kool-Aid Stains.
  • If the Slurpee stain is another color such as blue, green, or yellow, follow the instructions in the guide How to Remove Juice Stains.
  • And if the stain doesn’t fit into any of the above categories, browse our stain removal section for a match.

Good luck!


  1. Laura says:

    Under the slurpee clean up, how do I remove the red stain that my son hid in his room on the beige carpet? It has been dry a very long while. I found it when he went out of town. Guess that teaches me to go into his room!

  2. Shirley says:

    I almost had the red icee out of my beige carpet after several carpet shampoo tries! I tried the wet towel with a steam iron trick 24 hours after my granddaughter spilled her icee…and wow! I can’t believe it! Before, the pink cast was bleeding through. I’m a perfectionist too…it bugged me to see it, even though my carpet is older. I’m a believer!

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