How to Remove Smoke from the Air


Jane asked: My husband smokes constantly. When he is in the house, I hate it. What can I put in the house so other people aren’t inhaling his smoke? Thanks.

We’ve all heard the dangers of second hand smoke. There are a variety of harmful gases that are released with the smoke and the smell is enough to drive anyone away. In addition to the smoke, cigarettes also produce a sticky tar that can build up on furniture and walls causing a brown discoloration. Fortunately there are products available to help rid the room of this unpleasant and unhealthy smoke.

What to Look For:

  • Because there are two factors that need to be addressed with cigarette smoke, there are two necessary components to removing it. The first is an ozone producing machine. This neutralizes the odor and toxic components that are released with the cigarette smoke. The second is a HEPA filter. These are effective in filtering out the tar and particulate to keep it from landing on the surfaces in your home. Together, these two items will help remove the smell and keep the tar out of your home, making for an efficient cigarette smoke removal system. They’re not cheap, but they will do the job.
  • Air purifiers or ionizers alone will not effectively remove the cigarette smoke from the air. Ensure that your air purifying device contains both an ozone generating component as well as a filtering system.
  • Air purifiers can be found online or at some department stores.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    I recently bought a house that had been smoked in for ten years. After viewing this house, my clothing smelled of smoke for over four hours. After some massive cleaning and deodorizing, I ordered an Oreck Dual Max air purifier, and I cannot believe what a difference it makes. When it is running, no one can even tell there was ever smoke in the house!

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