How to Remove Vinegar Stains from Granite Countertops


J Lee asked: How do I remove tree vinegar stains from a granite countertop?

Though granite is a very strong stone, it cannot stand up to the acidity of vinegar when exposed for extended lengths of time. Typically these “stains” are actually the surface being damaged or etched by the vinegar. In less severe cases, it is just the sealant that is removed, taking away the polished look. To fix this, it is necessary to polish the area and reapply the ┬ásealant.

You Will Need:

  • Granite polish
  • Granite sealer
  • Soft cloths
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Spray bottle
  • Rubber gloves

Steps to Remove the Stain:

  1. Begin by cleaning the countertop as normal and putting on rubber gloves to protect your skin from the cleaning products.
  2. Apply the granite polish following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Buff with a clean, soft cloth to clean the area.
  4. Once the countertop has been polished, the sealant can be applied to offer a layer of protection.
  5. Mix a small amount of rubbing alcohol with water in the spray bottle.
  6. Spray a small amount of the mixture onto the surface.
  7. Rub the area with a clean, soft cloth to make it shine.

Additional Tips and Ideas

  • To avoid future stains, always be mindful to wipe up any spills immediately when using vinegar for cooking, etc.
  • Applying a good quality sealant to the surface of the countertops will also help to ward off future stains.
  • Vinegar and water is an often used cleaner for granite countertops. The key is to dry the surface thoroughly so that the vinegar does not sit on the surface and cause damage.
  • If the stain is severe, it will be necessary to have a professional fix the area.

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