How to Remove Yellowing from Vinyl Flooring


Jeanne asked: How do I remove stains on vinyl flooring? The island in our kitchen has rubber wheels that have caused yellow stains that penetrated the vinyl flooring. Are there any remedies for removing the stains?

When rubber comes in contact with vinyl, it creates a chemical reaction which causes the discoloration. While many say the yellowing cannot be reversed, there are some methods that have been successful for some. Though linoleum is different from vinyl, when it comes to removing the yellowing, the methods remain the same. See our guide How to Remove Yellow Stains from Linoleum Flooring for easy methods that may remove the stains from your vinyl flooring. If those methods don’t work, the stains are likely permanent.


  1. Wayne says:

    Everyone has some stupid remedy for removing tile stains. None work. Everybody is a genius.

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