How to Seal or Coat a Laminate Floor


Gail asked: How do I clean a laminate floor after tap dancing on it? We laid a laminate floor in our dance studio that was cost effective for us. After dancing on it, we are getting black scuff marks and have to scrub the floor after each class, or the black gets on the dancer’s feet. How can we clean or put a sealant on it so we can just pass over it with a damp mop to clean it?

Laminate floors are low maintenance by nature, but sometimes even they need protection. If you want to fortify your laminate flooring against high traffic or excessive wear, here’s a simple method that will do the job.

You Will Need:

Steps to Protect the Floor:

  1. Before you can protect your laminate floor, the first step is to prepare the surface.  To do so, mist Laminator Plus Deep Scrub onto the floor and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Scrub into the floor with a damp sponge mop.
  3. Press excess moisture from the sponge mop. Then use the mop to pick up remaining moisture from the floor.
  4. Rinse the mop and repeat the clean water damp mopping process at least twice to ensure all Deep Scrub residue is gone.
  5. Once the floor is dry, mist Laminator Plus Restore over the floor.
  6. Use the microfiber mop to spread the Laminator Plus Restore over the floor in one direction.
  7. Wait 20 minutes. Repeat if desired. Two coats will provide a satin shine, while three will finish the laminate to a high gloss.
  8. For routine cleaning and maintenance, mist the floor with Laminator Plus Buff Dry Cleaner. Buff dry with a clean microfiber mop cloth.

Additional Tips and Advice

  • Do not pour water on laminate flooring. Do not allow moisture, even in small amounts, to remain on the floor, especially if the joints aren’t sealed. Floors will warp under contact with moisture and the only solution at that point is to replace them.
  • For a variety of methods to remove scuff marks from flooring, see our guide How to Remove Scuff Marks from Flooring.


  1. Robyn says:

    The links to your Laminate Plus deep scrub, restore, and dry buff cleaner aren’t working anymore. Would you be so kind to leave proper links, or the names of the products, and possibly where I may purchase all three items? My laminate floors have lost their sheen. I want them back to high gloss. Thanks so much for your help.

  2. Audrey says:

    I would like to know how to clean between the joins of the laminate. I do not have enough clearance at the front door to put a runner down, so I have one at the side. A lot of people stand right on the laminate when they enter the front door, and dirt has built up between the grooves. I cannot seem to get this clean. I have even tried using a toothbrush, to no avail. Is there a product that would help to remove this, and help it look like new?

  3. J C says:

    Hello there,
    Just reading up on your products that you have. Do you have where they can be used in a machine to do all three steps? (Mainly because of large floor areas.) Or machines that you recommend for your products? Waiting to hear… Thank You.

  4. Eddie T says:

    How do I restore a small area of flooring after a cat has been sick on it?

  5. Catherine says:

    How do you keep the shine on your laminate flooring? Mine are getting dull.

  6. Sue says:

    We recently installed a laminate floor in our kitchen. Our dog drools a lot when he drinks water and I’ve noticed the wetness sinks into the wood lines; this is not always on a seam. The floor is beautiful, I don’t want to ruin the wood, and I love my dog. What do I do?

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