How to Soften Stiff Washcloths

Nancy asked: The thick, soft washcloths I bought my daughter come out of the dryer stiff and prickly after my son-in-law uses them. My daughter thinks it is because he uses too much soap and doesn’t rinse them thoroughly. How can she made them soft and fluffy again? The wash cloths are thick, cotton terry.

While more soap would seem to get the clothes cleaner, its not the case when the extra soap cannot be removed effectively. When too much laundry detergent is used in a wash cycle, it leaves a residue on the surface of the fabric. This residue dries and leaves the fibers feeling stiff and rough. It sounds as though this residue is what is ruining your wash cloths. However, they can be saved. Another, correct washing will revitalize them and bring them back to their former glory. If they have an excess amount of soap, run them through another washing cycle, but do not add any detergent. This will allow the existing detergent to be washed away. In the future, limit the amount of soap used and run an extra rinse cycle as needed to remove all of the soap. A fabric softener can also be used to help restore the softness to the fabric. Again, use the recommended amounts as too much will not produce the desired results.

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