How to Wash A Comforter


  1. Don’t wash your comforter at home; your small washer will squeeze the fluff out of it. Take it to the laundromat and use one of the large capacity washers or have it professionally cleaned. But if you take it to a cleaner, make sure you tell them you want it as fluffy when it returns as it is the day you gave it to them!

  2. Throw in a couple of tennis balls when you dry the comforter to keep it from bunching up in the dryer.

  3. If you are going to wash your comforter yourself, use a detergent that has a degreaser in it to help remove the oils from your body and hair.

  4. Only wash your comforter when you have to or once every few years or so. Washing it too much will cause it to shrink and over time it will be as flat as the bedspread you passed up to buy the comforter in the first place.

  5. Choose a gentle detergent if washing yourself. Dreft for babies is a good choice or Woolite. The other brands now all have a gentler version so any of those would work too.

  6. It can take hours for a comforter to dry, so don’t wash it at 9 pm and expect to sleep with it that night. After drying, you might also want to hang it outside or in a warm room to finish drying completely.

  7. Wash a comforter in cold water. Warm or hot water will promote shrinkage.

  8. If you are washing at home or the laundromat, run the comforter through two rinse cycles to get rid of the detergent residue.

  9. You should always clean your comforter at least twice a year to get rid of dust and mites, all that cold stuff. Bring it to a good dry cleaner.

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