My Newly Cleaned Oven is Smoking

Anna asked: My clean oven smokes. What am I doing wrong? I sprayed my oven with oven cleaner and washed it all off, but it smokes out the house when I turn it on. What can I do about this?

There are a couple of reasons that your oven may be smoking. The first is that there is still food or grease that remains on the surface or on the heating unit. When the oven is turned on, this is burning and causing the smoke. The second is that there is residue from the cleaning product left behind on the surfaces. In either case, the best way to fix it is to give the oven a thorough cleaning/rinsing to remove any remaining food or cleaning residue from the surfaces. It is normal for a light amount of smoke to occur when you first use your oven after cleaning, but it should stop quickly. If the smoke is heavy, turn the oven off immediately, allow it to cool completely and reclean and/or rinse it again. For complete oven cleaning instructions, see our guide How to Clean the Oven.


  1. Teresa says:

    I accidentally left two plastic wax melts in the oven; didn’t know they were in there, turned the oven on to bake, and smelled something. My whole oven caught on fire. Tried oven cleaner and scrapping, Easy Off, but it won’t quit smoking. I believe most of smoke is from on top. How to get this out and stop smoking so I can use it again? Please help me!

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