How to Remove Dirt and Mud Stains


Mud and dirt are inevitable enemies of laundry. They may seem easy to manage, but if not handled correctly, they can lead to an unsightly and permanent stain. By following a few simple steps, you’ll be able to tackle even the most formidable mud stain with ease. Removing Mud Stains What You Will Need Plastic knife or plastic spoon Small nail brush or toothbrush Liquid dish soap (such as Dawn or Ajax), or laundry pre-treatment product (such as Shout or OxiClean) Washer Laundry detergent Bleach (optional, depending on whether the soiled clothes can tolerate bleach) Steps to Remove the Stain…

How to Remove Coffee Stains


If you’re a coffee drinker, there will inevitably come a time when you will spill coffee on your favorite outfit or tablecloth. Coffee stains can be stubborn and if allowed to set, can be nearly impossible to get out. Following these simple steps on a fresh coffee stain will help get the stain out before it sets in. What You Will Need Absorbent white paper towels Powdered laundry detergent Distilled white vinegar Cold water Small cup or dish Toothbrush or small nail brush Liquid laundry detergent with color-safe bleach Steps to Remove the Coffee Stain Using the paper towels, blot…

How to DeSkunk a Human

Whether your toddler runs outside to pet the striped kitty or you’re stumbling through the woods and not paying attention to where you’re walking, there is a chance that you or your child will get sprayed by a skunk. Of course, there are other problems that can develop when you’re sprayed by a skunk besides just an overwhelming stench, especially if you’re sprayed in the eyes or nose. If you are experiencing an extreme adverse reaction after being sprayed, or if your child is of course, call your doctor or head to the emergency room immediately. If minor eye irritation…

How to Clean Your Vents


Vents (and the air ducts behind them) attract a host of household debris—from dust to coins to pet dander. Keeping your vents clean is crucial to the air quality in your home. If anyone in your household suffers from airborne allergies, keeping your home’s air dust-free is an important step in maintaining a symptom-free lifestyle. If a vent isn’t being used, close the cover, but never place anything (furniture, books) top of it. What You’ll Need Broom or traditional duster Rag Screw driver Vacuum cleaner with attachments Duct tape New air filters The Cleaning Process Dust your vents with a…

How to Clean Vinyl Records


Keeping vinyl records dust-free is an important step in keeping their sound quality as perfect as the day you bought them. The distinct crackling sound that many records have is a result of dust that has settled in the grooves. Playing dirty records can cause damage, not only to the record itself but also to the stylus on your record player. What You’ll Need Record cleaning brush Record cleaner or distilled water Soft cloth (like an old T-shirt) The Cleaning Process Dust records before and after each and every use! This should be a part of your record maintenance routine….

How to Clean Ceiling Fans


Regularly cleaning your ceiling fans is an important step to keeping the air in your home clean and dust-free. Dusty blades can also wobble, become loud, and damage the motor. Follow the steps below to clean and maintain dust-free blades for a safe and efficient ceiling fan. What You’ll Need Ceiling fan duster All-purpose cleaner or white vinegar Ladder or step stool Soft cloth Vacuum with attachments (optional) Hard car wax (optional) The Cleaning Process Turn your ceiling fan OFF. If you are performing a weekly dusting , use a commercial ceiling fun duster with a long or extendable handle….

How to Clean Books


You should give the books in your library a good cleaning at least once a year. Keeping your books clean can significantly extend their lifespan. The fastest way to keep dust from reaching the pages of your favorite books is by storing them with their spines facing out. What You’ll Need Soft cloth or magnetic dusting cloth Absorene (optional) White vinyl eraser (optional) Vacuum with dusting brush attachment Cheesecloth (optional) Baking soda Paper bag The Cleaning Process   Clean the outside of your book.Wipe a paper or matte-finished cover with a soft cloth or a dry cleaning pad (available at…

How to Wash Your Hair


Good hair days don’t show up by accident; they’re a result of a careful hair care regimen. If you want to achieve hair perfection, it’s important to wash your hair regularly. You don’t want your coif to become oily and flat or dry and frizzy, and you don’t want to have to acquire an endless supply of hats and paper bags. As you probably already know, the supplies you will need to wash your hair are a shampoo appropriate to your hair; a bottle of equally appropriate conditioner; and water. Of course, you will also need a towel for afterward….

How to Clean Your Home’s Air Filter


Cleaning your home’s air filter is one of the easiest and most important steps you can take to protect your heating and cooling system. Without an air filter, dust can adhere to the working unit. Dirty units can result in anything from inefficiency to fire, so don’t overlook this simple maintenance! Your home’s air filter is usually found behind a vent, called a return. A flat wall cold air return is normally near or on the ceiling. A baseboard cold air return can be flat or slanted and is typically located at or near floor level. Your home may have…

How to Remove Make-up Stains


Removing make-up stains from fabric can be tricky business unless you are aware of a few simple tricks. Keep in mind that different types of make-up will respond to different types of cleaning solutions, and successful removal is dependent on knowing which solution works best for the type of stain you have. What You Will Need Plastic spoon Cleaning Solution: To Remove Lipstick: Rubbing (Isoprophyl) Alcohol or Witch Hazel To Remove Mascara and Eye-liner: Dawn or Ajax dishwashing liquid (and a drop or two of water). To Remove Liquid Foundation: 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. To Remove Blush, Eye Shadow or…