How to Clean Soap Stains From Granite


When granite gets stained (and it often does), the stain has to be pulled out from the porous surface. With soap stains, it can be nearly impossible. However, there’s hope, as others have found ways to remove these stubborn stains. Here are some methods that have been successful.  Using Neutral pH Cleaning Products  You Will Need:  Washing soda Water Non-alkali all purpose cleaner (ex: Simple Green Stone Cleaner) Soft cloths Soft bristled brush  Steps to Remove the Soap Stains:  Mix water with a small amount of either non-alkali cleaner or washing soda. Non-alkali cleaners are simply neutral cleaners that will…

How to Clean Jewelry


Jewelry offers all sorts of distinct beauty to our wardrobes. We all have jewelry that has sentimental meaning and/or expresses our personality. Buying a beautiful piece of jewelry can be an investment, one that you’ll want to protect and keep beautiful for years to come. These instructions are for general cleaning and are safe for most types of jewelry. For specific types of jewelry, see the additional jewelry cleaning articles below. You Will Need: Mild dish detergent Small bowl Soft cloth The Cleaning Process: Close the drain of the sink or insert a strainer into the drain. The last thing…

How to Clean Vomit Off Carpet


Cleaning up vomit is one of the worst cleaning tasks around. When it lands on carpet, you have a double task. Remove the odors and the stains. The key is using the right cleaners to break through the mess and remove it for good. You Will Need: Dust pan Spoon Paper towels or old rags Warm water Bucket Enzyme-based cleaner (ex: Kids ‘n Pets, Nature’s Miracle) Baking soda or corn starch Vacuum  Steps to Clean the Carpet: Start by removing as much of the vomit as possible. Use a dust pan or other scraper to remove as much as possible….

How to Clean a White Board


Even when proper markers are used, when they sit on the whiteboard surface for an extended amount of time, they can be difficult to remove. has done research with a variety of cleaning products. These top picks will get your whiteboard clean, sparkling and ready for use. You Will Need: Cleaning product (choose one) Acetone Isopropyl alcohol MB 10W whiteboard cleaner Nail polish remover Greased Lightning Soft cloths Steps to Clean the Whiteboard: Select a cleaning product from the list above. If the product causes fumes, open the windows and ensure the area is well-ventilated. Apply the cleaning product…

How to Clean Brass Or Copper Utensils


To bring a stunning, like-new shine to brass or copper utensils, all you need is a few minutes and one proven ingredient. Here’s what to do. A Quick and Safe Cleaning Method for Both Copper and Brass You Will Need: Bar Keepers Friend Copper Glow Powder Cleanser Cloth scouring pad Water Steps to Clean the Utensils: Wet the utensils with clean water. Sprinkle them with a healthy amount of Copper Glow powder. Use the cloth scouring pad to work the powder into a paste. Allow it to sit for up to five minutes, but do NOT allow the paste to…

How to Clean a Santa Costume


Dennis asked: How do I clean Santa Claus clothes. I need to clean a santa costume, beard and clothes. Most Santa suits are designed to be dry clean only, but dry cleaning will take some of the fluff from the plush suit, so it’s best to spot clean on a yearly basis and save the professional cleaning for the big messes. With that in mind, here’s how to freshen up a Santa suit so it will be ready to wear next Christmas! You Will Need: Gentle laundry detergent Soft cloths Brush Baby shampoo Cold water Steps to Clean the Suit:…

How to Clean Marker Pen Ink


How to Clean A Garbage Can


By far, one of the most germ-ridden things in your home, the garbage is a source of bacteria and odor that is often overlooked. Though liners catch much of the debris, liquids and trash residue still find their way onto the inner surface and need to be cleaned away regularly. It’s a dirty job, but here’s how to make your efforts most effective. You Will Need: Rubber gloves Paper towels Old rags Bleach Ammonia Water All purpose cleaner (choose the scent and product that you prefer) Toilet brush or other long handled brush Face mask (optional, but helpful for those…

How to Clean Pomegranate Juice Stains


Pomegranates are known for their healthy qualities. If you’ve ever tried to open one, you know that it takes skill to remove the healthy seeds without squirting the juice. The key to removing these stains is prompt removal. The longer the juice is allowed to sit on fabric, the more difficult, or impossible, it will be to remove. Removing Pomegranate Stains from Fabric You Will Need: Cold water Liquid dish soap or laundry detergent Small bowl or dish (large enough to hold the stained portion of the fabric) Hydrogen peroxide Steps to Remove the Stain: Begin by running cold water…

How to Clean Permanent Marker


Permanent marker is designed to be just that, permanent. Fortunately, depending on the surface that has been marked, it may be possible to remove it. Walk through our list of possibilities to find one that is safe for your particular surface. You Will Need: Nail polish remover Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Baking soda toothpaste Rubbing alcohol Hairspray (the cheaper the better) Anti-bacterial hand gel Bleach Goof-Off WD-40 Acetone Sunscreen Insect repellent Baby wipes Ammonia with water Steps to Remove the Marker: First, browse through our list above to find a removal product that is safe to use on your particular…