How to Clean Food and Water Bowls


A dirty pet dish can attract bacteria, bugs and mold. It’s not likely your dog, cat, hamster, or guinea pig for that matter, will quit eating if you don’t clean his dishes, but it’s better for his health and for your peace of mind that you do so. Gravity-Fed Food and Water Dishes If you use a gravity-fed food or water dish for your pet, you should be able to detach the dish from the bottle or canister and follow the directions below. You may also want to empty and clean the storage container every two weeks or so. You…

How to Wash a Skunked Dog


Dogs are curious creatures by nature. They like to chase squirrels and cats and foxes and birds… and skunks. In order to get rid of skunk odor, and to avoid transferring it to yourself in the process, you will need the following: One skunky dog One quart hydrogen peroxide One-fourth cup baking soda One tablespoon of liquid dish soap, such as Dawn (make sure to use hand dish soap, not the kind you put in the dishwasher) A bottle of the dog shampoo you typically use Old clothing and gloves (for you to wear) As soon as you realize your…

How to Clean a Stovetop


It’s almost impossible to make a meal without a bit of sauce or grease splashing onto the range. Fortunately, this is a relatively quick and easy cleaning job. Remove Any Crumbs Use your hand or a paper towel to get any loose crumbs or debris off of the (cool) stovetop before you begin cleaning. Sweep them into your hand or a dustpan to avoid having them land underfoot. Be sure that all knobs are switched securely to the off position before you proceed any further. Disassemble This doesn’t mean you have to head to the toolbox and grab a screwdriver….

How to Clean a Yoga Mat


Practicing yoga is supposed to be a relaxing, but looking down at a dirty, stinky mat isn’t. Protect your health and your inner serenity by giving that yoga mat a good scrubbing. Cleaning your mat by hand There are two types of solutions you can use to clean your sticky mat by hand: one you make yourself or a prepackaged yoga mat cleaner. You can make your own mat wash pretty easily. All you need is some tap water and dish soap or a gentle detergent, such as Woolite. However, if you make your own cleaning solution, you have to…

How to Clean Window Blinds


Window blinds are popular window coverings due to their convenience and appearance. You should clean blinds with a duster whenever you clean the house. Deep cleaning of the blinds may be done once every six months to keep them clean and durable. The Different Kinds of Blinds There are a few different kinds of blinds. Some knowledge about them is essential for cleaning them. Let us explore the different kinds: Vertical blinds: These Consist of slats made of plastic, metal or stiff fabric, hanging from a track at one end. Can allow light to pass and can also fold up…

How to Clean Slate Floors


Slate floors, while beautiful, require diligent maintenance to avoid unsightly dirt build-up and potential scratches. Regular Cleaning What you will need: Soft-bristle broom Good quality dust mop (non-oil-based) Bucket Warm water Mild Detergent (such as you use on delicate clothing) Wet mop Instructions: Sweep floor thoroughly to remove loose debris. Go over floor with a dust mop to pick up fine debris and particles, moving mop in the same direction—avoid back-and-forth sweeping motion. Fill bucket with 1 gallon of warm water and add about 1/4 capful of detergent Dip mop in cleaning solution and wring thoroughly. Mop all areas of…

How to Clean Soap Scum


Prevention is the key to a soap scum-free bathroom. If you leave this problem for too long, soap scum can become concrete and almost impossible to remove. It occurs from the reaction of hard water with the minerals in everyday household soap. Bar soap contains talc (the basis of soap scum) so one easy way to reduce soap scum is to switch to liquid soap. What You’ll Need White vinegar Baking soda Sponge Borax (optional) Powder laundry detergent (optional) Dishwashing liquid Old toothbrush Lemon oil or baby oil or car wax or RainX (optional) Squeegee or towel Laundry stain remover…

How to Clean Laminate Floors


Laminate flooring is a popular choice for those seeking the look of hardwood, but also wishing to avoid the higher level of maintenance. It is much easier to maintain than real wood. Laminate Floor Maintenance Cleaning What you will need: Broom Vacuum with soft brush attachment Laminate Floor Cleaner (sold at home improvement stores and large grocery chains) Sponge Mop Bucket of clean hot water Instructions: Sweep floors to remove loose dust/debris Using the soft brush attachment, vacuum floor, making sure to pay special attention to corners where dust and pet hair accumulate Following the directions on the Floor Cleaner,…

How to Clean Wood Floors


In order to preserve the beauty of your hardwood floor, it is important to maintain it properly. To do so, you should be familiar with the type of hardwood floor you have, whether it is finished or unfinished, and what your manufacturer’s recommendations are regarding cleaning and maintenance. Hardwood Floor Maintenance What you will need: Soft-bristle Broom Vacuum with soft brush attachment Dust Mop Wood polish (spray kind) Instructions: Sweep floors to remove loose debris Using the soft brush attachment, vacuum floor, making sure to pay special attention to corners where dust and pet hair accumulate. Lightly spray the cloth…

How to Clean Linoleum Floors


Linoleum flooring shouldn’t be confused with Vinyl. Vinyl can handle a lot more wear and tear than linoleum, whereas with linoleum you need to be more careful as to the type of cleaners used. Linoleum Floor Quick Cleaning What you will need: Vacuum Cleaner Mop (sponge or cloth—preferably self-wringing) Bucket Hot Water Mild Dish Soap Old Towels Rubber gloves (optional) Instructions Vacuum the floor thoroughly on “hard floor” setting, paying special attention to under cabinets, appliances and corners where dust accumulates. Put 6 or 7 drops of dish soap in the bucket and fill with a gallon of hot water….