How to Remove a Traffic Dirt Path from Carpet


A. Chadwick said, “Some really good tips here, but, please, can anyone help with this one? I have a light-coloured carpet in my bedroom that has got a path which is darker where we walk. Has anyone got a tip on how to move this and restore the carpet back to its original colour?” There are natural paths that people take when walking, which often leaves a dirty trail on carpets over time. There are several ways to clean a high traffic area on carpet, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Choose a method below and follow the steps to…

How to Clean Teak Oil From Flagstone


Art said, “How do I remove teak oil that spilled onto my flagstone patio?” Flagstone is commonly used for paving patio areas or walkways in a backyard. It is a porous stone, so when something like oil spills onto the surface, it can quickly soak into the stone. Use the information in the steps below to remove the stain. Cleaning the Oil Spill You Will Need: An absorbent material, such as: Cat litter Sawdust Baking soda Corn starch Salt A dustpan Plastic wrap Mineral spirits A scrub brush Newspaper Dish liquid Brake cleaner Steps to Clean the Spill: If the stain…

How to Remove Tobacco Stains from Marble


Rohit said, “I am the front office in charge in a 2 star hotel. So I need an article that is about how I remove tobacco nicotine, eg. Rajnigandha cigarettes, stain from a wash basin. Thanks, Rohit” Over time, indoor cigarette smoking can stain virtually anything. However, if the stain is in one small spot, it is most likely a burn mark, not a stain. For stains, begin with step 1 below. For burn marks, skip to step 4 below. Removing the Tobacco Stain You Will Need: Dish liquid Water An absorbent powder Plastic wrap White vinegar A cloth Hydrogen…

How to Remove Adhesive from Velvet


Simon said, “I have a Sellotape mark on a black velvet sofa. What’s the best way to remove this without ruining the pile of the velvet?” Velvet is a luxurious fabric that can be difficult to clean. However, even sticky adhesive can be removed if needed. Select a cleaning method below and follow the steps to remove the residue. The Oil Method This method lubricates and dissolves the adhesive so that it can be easily cleaned off.¹ You Will Need: WD-40 Vegetable oil Baby oil Cooking spray A cloth Dish liquid Water Steps to Remove the Oil : Spray WD-40…

How to Remove Black Rubber Scuff Marks from Plastic


Megster said, “How can black rubber stains be removed from a white plastic kitchen chair? Tried vinegar, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and a kitchen cleanser. HELP!” It is very common to find black rubber stains on plastic chairs. However, the stains are often actually scuff marks. Select a cleaner from the list below and continue trying different cleaners until you find the one that works best for you. Removing the Scuff Marks You Will Need: An eraser WD-40 A cloth Dish liquid Water Baking soda Toothpaste Turpentine Lighter fluid Steps to Remove the Scuff Marks: One of the easiest ways…

How to Remove Food Oil Stains


There are many recipes that involve cooking the food in oil, which can easily lead to an oil stain on your clothes. Thankfully, oil stains are fairly easy to remove. Follow the steps below, trying each cleaning solution listed until the stains are removed. Removing the Stain You Will Need: Paper towels An absorbent powder Dish liquid Lighter fluid WD-40 Steps to Remove the Stain: Blot the stain with a paper towel to remove as much excess oil as possible. Cover the spot with an absorbent powder, such as baking soda, baby powder, or cornstarch. Leave the powder on the…

How to Remove Burn Marks from Upholstery


Christina said, “I have a light burn mark on my canvas sofa…do you have any tips I could try? Thank you.” If the burn mark on your upholstery is similar to a scuff or scorch mark, you may be able to clean it away. Select a method below to remove the stain, and if needed, keep trying different methods until the stain is removed. If the burn has created a hole in the fabric, use The Patch Method. The Glycerin Method¹ This is a great method to start with as it can help to loosen the burn stain for other…

How to Remove Clay Stains from Marble


Judy said, “My parents’ headstone has staining about a foot of the way up from the bottom. The staining is from the natural clay soil in that area. I think it will take something really powerful to get it to come out. I have no idea what to use. Can you please help? Thank you so much! Judy” The key to removing stains from marble is to use a poultice. Since the stone is porous, the stains can sink into it and require a poultice to pull them out. Follow the steps below to remove the stains with a poultice….

How to Clean Paint off Leather


Patricia said, “How to get lacquer off a leather chair?” Leather can be a difficult surface to know how to clean, especially when there is something tricky on it like paint. Select a method from the list below to remove the paint, and continue trying other methods if needed until the paint is gone. Removing the Paint You Will Need: Water A cloth Baby oil or cooking oil Leather cleaner Nail polish remover A cotton swab Leather conditioner Rubbing alcohol Steps to Remove the Paint: Try gently rubbing off the paint with a damp cloth. Some types of paint are…

How to Clean a Vinyl Lampshade


Wendy said, “Looking for some cleaning advice please. I have two black lady (green ballerina and mermaid) lamps with the original vinyl shades and the years have made the shades quite dirty; they are pleated vinyl in black and green. How can I bring them back to life? What could I clean them with; white vinegar perhaps or mild detergent? They are so lovely, but the dirty shades need work. Thanks.” Vinyl or plastic lampshades are one of the easiest types of lampshades to keep clean since they can’t absorb dust like fabric shades or be damaged by water like…