How to Remove Chocolate Stains from Upholstery

Assorted Chocolates

Bear asked, “Does anyone know how to get a chocolate stain out of a white cushion?” It would be great if you could just turn the cushion over when you get a stain, but that isn’t an option for some couches and even if you did, you’d probably just end up staining the other side of the cushion too. Better to remove the stain with the information below. Removing Chocolate Stains from Upholstery You Will Need: A dull knife Dish liquid A cloth Non-gel shaving cream Enzyme stain remover Enzyme laundry detergent Borax Hydrogen peroxide A dry towel A hair dryer…

How to Remove Maple Syrup from Carpet

Pouring Syrup

Jada asked, “Anyone knows how to get a syrup stain out the carpet?” If your flapjacks went face-first onto the carpet, you’re probably wondering how to clean all the sticky syrup from the carpet fibers. It is easiest to clean the syrup when it is fresh, so treat the spill as soon as possible. Whether your syrup is fresh or hardened, the steps below can help you clean up the mess. Removing Syrup from Carpet You Will Need: A spoon or dull knife A cloth or sponge Warm water Dish liquid Liquid enzyme detergent Enzyme stain remover Ammonia A dry towel…

How to Remove Yogurt Stains


David asked, “I just opened a yogurt and it shot all over my clothes…what’s the best way to remove it so it doesn’t leave a stain?” Yogurt can be eaten plain, but there are many types of yogurt that are mixed with fruit or contain dyes, which makes the stain more difficult to remove. Whatever type of yogurt you like, the steps below can remove the stain. Yogurt stains are fairly easy to remove when fresh, but can be more difficult (and stinky) if older, so treat the stain as soon as possible.¹ Removing Yogurt Stains from Clothing and Other…

How to Clean Up Broken Glass

Broken Glass

Jessica asked, “How do I even pick up broken glass?” When glass breaks, you may want to start tip-toeing. Don’t worry though; you can follow the guides below and the glass will be safely and thoroughly cleaned up. Removing Broken Glass from a Hard Floor You Will Need: Shoes A broom & dustpan Thick tape A lint roller Newspaper A vacuum Steps to Remove the Broken Glass: Secure any pets away from the area. Put on shoes if you don’t already have them on. Even when you have shoes on, you should still try to avoid stepping on any glass. Sweep…

How to Clean a Skylight


Alice asked, “Does anyone know how to clean a skylight without all the water ending up back in the room?” Skylights should be cleaned at least once per year, though they may need two or more cleanings per year. It is best to clean the skylight on a cloudy day, as the direct sunlight can cause the water to leave streaks.¹ Follow the steps below for a complete skylight cleaning, from inside to out. Cleaning the Skylight You Will Need: A plastic drop cloth An extendable sponge mop & squeegee A ladder A bucket Distilled water Dish liquid Ammonia White…

How to Clean a Pizza Cutter

Pizza Cutter

Ryan asked, “I can’t figure out how to clean inside a pizza cutter.” A pizza cutter is one of the more unusual items in the kitchen that needs cleaning. One side of it you can clean easily (if you can get it to stop rotating), but the other side has the handle attachment, which can be difficult to clean if you don’t know how. Use the tips below to ensure your cutter is fully clean. Cleaning the Pizza Cutter You Will Need: A bowl Sponge or hand towel Floss Denture tablet Steps to Clean the Cutter: If there is dried…

How to Remove Dried Poop from a Hard Floor

Kitten and Toilet Paper

Chuck asked, “Does anyone know how to clean up stuck to the floor cat poop?” Sometimes dried poop happens. There are two main ways to remove it; either by scraping it off or dissolving it. Use the information in the steps below to clean it up. Removing the Dried Poop You Will Need: Plastic scraper Paper towel Enzyme digester Steps to Remove the Poop: Scrape it off with a plastic scraper. If the poop is somewhat clumpy (not diarrhea), it will be easiest to simply scrape it off the surface. However, use caution to prevent scratching the floor.¹ If the poop…

How to Clean Pillows


Shiva asked, “How do you clean a pillow?” We wash our sheets regularly, but often overlook our pillows other than to change the pillowcases. Even though our pillows are protected with pillowcases, they do require regular cleaning as well. There are many different types of pillows on the market today from foam to down-filled. Follow our suggestions below for your type of pillow and clean them a few times per year. Cleaning Down Pillows You Will Need: Gentle laundry detergent (e.g. Woolite) Tennis balls or clean tennis shoe Steps to Clean Down Pillows: Always check the label on down and feather…

How to Clean a Glitter Spill


Abigail asked, “How in the world am I supposed to clean all this glitter up?” You’ve probably noticed that tiny pieces of glitter have a way of sticking to just about everything, even without glue. Use the tips below to quickly clean up a glitter spill or any remnants of previous glitter projects. Removing the Sweat Stain You Will Need: Damp paper towel Dryer sheet Vacuum hose Lint roller Tape A balloon Steps to Clean up the Glitter: If there is a large spill on a flat surface, use a damp paper towel to sweep the glitter into a concentrated area….

How to Remove Sweat Stains from Clothing

Sweat Stain

TJM asked, “How do I clean the dark sweat line at the top of my 100% polyester uniform collar?” Sweat stains are sometimes unavoidable, especially with uniform shirts or workout clothes that get worn repeatedly. Sweat stains don’t have to permanently stain the item though. Follow one of our suggestions below to help your clothes look as good as new! Always test a cleaning solution on a hidden area to avoid damaging the garment. Removing the Sweat Stain You Will Need: White vinegar Sponge Bucket Table salt Dish liquid Meat tenderizer Ammonia Old toothbrush Borax Lemon juice Hydrogen peroxide Steps…