How to Organize Your Kitchen


No matter whether you’re a gourmet cook or make dinner out of a box, the ideal kitchen organization is the same for all; it’s based on traffic flow. Everything that happens in the kitchen happens in one of three specific work areas: a food preparation area, the area where you cook and serve the food, and the cleanup area around the sink. The things you need for cooking should be stored near the stove. The major items coming out of a dishwasher – dishes and tableware – should be stored close to the sink. Get the idea? Don’t kill yourself…

How to Organize Your Makeup


As you probably already know, it can be a real pain to find just the shade of lipstick you’re looking for when you have to dig through piles of mascara, nail polish and cotton balls, not to mention other lipsticks. It’s especially annoying when you have limited time due to the fact that you’re on your way out to a party, to work or to meet a friend – which is most always the case when you’re putting on makeup. Thus it is time to organize your stash. Dump everything out Unless you want a pile of broken compact mirrors…

How to Organize a Bedroom


Having a bedroom that looks like a disaster area will not only make it hard to find things, it could also make it difficult for you to sleep at night. This is not just because you can’t get to the bed with all the junk on the floor. Your bedroom is a place to go to clear your thoughts. It’s much easier to do that when the room itself is clean. *If you share your bedroom you may want to make this a couple’s activity. Or at least consult your partner before you throw out his or her stuff. Pick…

How To Organize Your Car


Many of us spend a great deal of time in our cars. Between commuting to work, grocery store trips, and ushering the kids from one practice to another, the family car can get very messy. Following these simple tips can help you get your car organized and keep it that way, making for less stressful travel. What you will need: Large garbage bag (or two) Resealable sandwich bags Plastic crate or laundry basket Plastic containers (2 quart disposable kind work fine) Over-the-seat pocket organizers (optional) Expandable file Medium-sized cloth or canvas sack Adhesive velcro strips Old towel How to Get…

How to Organize your Garage


The garage was originally created as the part of the home used to store a car or other vehicle. But over the years has yours become more of a catchall area for power tools, extra furniture, clothing and athletic equipment? Has the mess taken over so much space that you haven’t dreamed of parking a car in there in years? Time to get organized! Take everything out of the garage Hopefully in front of your garage you have a fairly empty driveway you can work with. If need be, park your vehicles in the yard or on the street temporarily….

How to Organize Magazines


If you’re like most people in today’s society, you get a lot of mail. This mail often comes in the form of ads and junk, but sometimes it will include the occasional magazine. Though magazines aren’t junk by nature, the problem comes when you end up with piles of them cluttering up your house. That’s when your house starts looking like a junk yard, and that’s when you know that it is time to get organized. Getting Started This first step to organizing your magazine collection is decided which magazines you really need to keep – not the ones that…

How To Organize Shoes


Shoes can be a problem area in any closet or bedroom. Unless organized properly, shoes can end up in a jumbled mess at the bottom of your closet, under your bed, or anywhere else in the house you happen to take them off. This can be very frustrating when you’re hurrying to find that perfect pair of pumps to go with the outfit you have chosen for a night out with friends. The more shoes you have, the more unruly they may become. Following these simple steps and keeping with a routine can help you keep your shoes in good…

How to Organize Receipts


Scrambling through stacks of paper to find a receipt can be a frustrating, time-consuming experience. Whether it’s to return an item that doesn’t quite fit, or to support your deductions on your income tax return, eventually we all need receipts. For most of us, finding the right receipt at the right time can be next to impossible. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little preparation and a lot of determination, you can organize your receipts in a sensible, easy-to-find manner. What You Will Need: Notepad Large Expandable Folder (with sections) Small labels Pen/Marker Manila envelopes (clasp-style)…

How to Organize a Junk Drawer


Junk drawers, by definition, are unorganized spaces. The antithesis of clean, they are a convenient catch-all for rubber bands, screws, pens, pencils, old keys and almost anything else that will fit within their recesses. It’s surprisingly easy, however, to transform a junk drawer into a neatly organized spot where everything has a place. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll never look at your junk drawer the same way again! What You Will Need: Drawer Cubes or other drawer organizer Damp paper towel Plastic bag for trash Small box or bag How to Get It Organized: Remove the drawer and…

How to Organize Clothing


If your dresser drawers won’t shut or you can’t find a thing to wear in your closet, it’s time to get organized! Follow these tips to get started. Organizing a Dresser What You Will Need: A Sock Organizer (optional but recommended) A Drawer Cubicle (optional but recommended) Four large cardboard boxes How to Get It Organized: Label the boxes “give away,” “throw away,” “repair,” and “put away” (for items that don’t belong in the dresser at all). Start with the sock drawer. Empty the drawer and place the Sock Organizer in the space. (You can use any small box, such…