How to Restore a Dulled Electric Smooth-Top Stove Top


Question: “Hi, I recently touched the cuff of my fleece sweater on the hot stove and it burned on a little. So, I used the scrub pad and cleaning cream that came with the stove to remove it. Now, most of the burned area is removed, but there is a dullness (not scratched) on the area that I cleaned. How can I restore the shine? Or is it permanent? My stove is a stainless steel Samsung. The cooking surface is a black, flat top. It is a small area that is marked. There doesn’t seem to be any scratches; just a faded, foggy looking patch.

Hi Samantha, while your stove is stainless steel, the area in question is the stove top, so I will focus on that area.


Make sure the burners are turned off and cool before cleaning, then clean the area as you normally would, making sure it is dry before proceeding to the spot polishing tips.

Spot Cleaning & Polishing

The dullness you describe might be fine scratches left behind from using the included scrubby pad. Even the slightest bit of abrasive material can dull a glossy finish. If this is the case then no cleaning product will restore the glossy shine – but a polishing product will. There are several products that you can try. You should not be scrubbing with these products but rather gently polishing, the product should do the work. Scrubbing might make it worse.

Bar Keepers Friend

Bar Keepers Friend is a powder so wet the stove top. Sprinkle it over the stove top, concentrating on the dull area. Wait a few minutes then wipe it off with a damp cloth followed by a drying and polishing with a soft, clean cloth.


Cameo is another polishing product. It is also a powder so you will need to wet the area, and then sprinkle some of the product onto it. With a wet cloth, gently rub the product into the area. Rinse with clear water. Dry and polish with a clean cloth.

CookTop Cleaning Crème

Apply directly to the dull area. Gently work it in using a soft cloth. Rinse with clean cloth and water. Dry and polish with clean cloth.



  1. Bar Keepers Friend was a lifesaver; great tip!

  2. I used the scrub pad that came with my GE Profile stainless steel black top stove and had the same problem with the foggy appearance after scrubbing with the pad. I was very disappointed that the manufacturer shipped a cleaning pad to use with the stove that caused micro scratches on the surface. The fogginess looked very noticeable under the 50 watt halogen bulbs of the range hood. I tried all the leading cleaners and nothing appeared to work for polishing out the scratches. About a month later, I came across a testimonial for a glass polishing compound called “cerium oxide” that people had reported using on foggy-looking glass stove tops with excellent results. I was somewhat skeptical, but decided to order the cerium oxide online. I used it with amazing results. A little bit of intense elbow grease with a thin clean cloth rubbing over the surface several times and I had the stove top looking brand new. I was very very impressed!!

  3. Where can I purchase cerium oxide retail? Thanks.

  4. I have the same problem with the fogginess on my burners. I have tried the Bar Keepers Friend and it is not working for me. I have added water to the stove top, sprinkled on the powder and left for a few minutes, wiping off with damp cloth and polishing with new clean cloth. No changes to cooktop…am I doing something wrong? Or any other suggestions? This stove is two months old and already looks like it’s headed for the garbage pile. Thanks.

  5. Bought a new house and the stove is a “top of the line” Frigidaire Professional Series with this horrible glass stove top that has these tiny fine scratches all over it. I have tried EVERYTHING. Microfiber cloths, glass stovetop cleaner, metal polish, even a buffing wheel attached to the drill. NOTHING works to remove them. Not even the cerium oxide. Now, I have a cloudy spot someone mentioned above. I am ready to cry, but this is not really all that terrible a problem in the grand scheme of things, so I am trying to focus on that. I hardly ever cook on it…maybe a glasstop stove support group is next?

  6. Why do they even sell these black flat glass top ranges? My old range had a flat glass top, but it had white specks throughout the black so you hardly noticed the dull or scratched areas. I took it for granted until I got this new one that shows EVERY SPOT and drives me crazy!

  7. I think these glass cooktops are making people like me and the above two commenters crazy. I too got small scratches during the first week of use. I found a lady on eBay and Etsy who makes a cloth pad for the cooktop so you don’t have to look at it. Best regards.

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