How to Clean a Polyurethane Coated Nylon Jacket


Franc asked: How do I clean a polyurethane coated nylon jacket? It is a Belstaff motorcycle jacket that has a weatherproof laminate in the fabric. The washing instructions say no dry cleaning and no machine wash. Sponging doesn’t work. It has a lot of general grime and some grease on it. The jacket is lined with a satin-like fabric with cotton ticking.

Cleaning these specialized coats can be tricky and is often seen as one of their downfalls. Because there are limited cleaning methods, they need consistent care to keep dirt and grime from building up. Regular light cleanings are the best solution, but if the grime has already begun to build, here are some steps to try.

You Will Need:

  • Bar soap (ex: Ivory)
  • Water
  • Sponge or soft cloths

Steps to Clean the Coat:

  1. Begin by moistening a soft cloth or sponge with water.
  2. Wipe as much of the dirt away as possible.
  3. For the tougher areas, rub a bar soap onto the stained or dirty area.
  4. Wipe with a clean cloth moistened with plain water.
  5. Repeat until the coat is clean.
  6. Rinse the coat completely.
  7. Allow to dry.

Additional Tips and Advice

  • If the coat does not come clean, return to the store where it was purchased. Often times, for these specialty coats, there are cleaning kits and special cleaners available. These are safer to use than household products and will not damage the protective coating.


  1. If you can wash a Pu article with a bar of soap and rinse it, why can’t you simply put the article in the washing machine?
    Washing machines have very clever cycles and programs these days, such as ‘special shoes’.

    I have washed trainers and pumps, synthetic and leather, that say ‘do not wash’ and they are fine.

    Is it due to any interfacing and glues that may have been used to assemble the article at manufacture, which may shrink or react with saturation and spinning?

  2. I purchased a polyester/polyeurothane jacket, in black. After dry cleaning, the jacket came back a yellow/mustard colour and most of the black was gone. What would have been the correct chemical solution to use?

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