How to Clean Nylon

Nylon is used in a number of items and garments, including hosiery, track pants, shorts, active wear, jackets, bedspreads, draperies, parachutes, umbrellas and luggage.

Caring for Nylon:

  1. Generally, Nylon requires easy care, but shouldn’t be taken for granted.
  2. When machine washing your nylon items, use cold water setting and cycle suggested by the tag on the particular item.
  3. Wash nylon separately from other types of fabric.
  4. An all-purpose laundry detergent should be sufficient for nylon.
  5. Use only non-chlorine bleach on nylon.
  6. If you dry your nylon in the dryer (as opposed to drip-dry), make sure the dryer is set on its lowest setting, and remove items promptly when cycle is finished.
  7. Iron when necessary, using a cool setting.

Additional Tips and Advice

  • Extensive washing and automatic drying of certain more delicate nylon items can lead to “piling” (i.e. annoying little nubs on the fabric). To avoid this hand-wash and drip dry when possible.
  • Use a mesh bag or hand-wash delicate nylon such as lingerie and hosiery. Use warm water along with a gentle detergent for best results. Hang or lay flat to dry.
  • Adding fabric softener either to the rinse cycle in the washer or with a dryer sheet in the dryer will greatly reduce the static on nylon.


  1. You can NEVER tumble dry nylon, you fool! It will melt! How can you betray the trust of the innocent people who come along and read this for advice? A whole rugby team almost had their new kits ruined because of you!

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