How to Remove Windshield Scratches


Dee asked: How do I remove scratches from the windshield of my car? The scratches are from the wipers.

Removing scratches from a windshield will require time and patience. Major scratches may not be completely removable, but can be blended to make them less noticeable. Smaller surface scratches can often be buffed out. Here’s how.

You Will Need:

  • Glass Polishing Kit (Eastwood carries a quality line)
  • Drill or low speed buffer
  • Tape
  • Water

Steps to Remove the Scratches:

  1. The polishing kit will most likely include the polish and a polishing tool.
  2. Begin by marking off the scratched area. Placing tape around the section can help define the area.
  3. Mix the polish with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Spread the polish onto the scratched area.
  5. Attach the buffing component to a drill or low speed buffer and begin buffing the polish away.
  6. Continue until the scratches are removed.

**These are steps are general guidelines. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely to guarantee the best results for their specific product.

Additional Tips and Advice

  • Aquapel is a product that can be put on the windshield to protect it from future damage from snow, mud and water.
  • Sometimes it is best to replace the windshield. If the damage is caused from roadway debris, some insurance companies will cover the costs.
  • Eastwood also carries polishing kits for deep scratches. Be aware that these scratches are more difficult to remove and will have varied results.
  • Not sure if your scratches are deep or just a haze? Run your fingernail over the surface. If your nail catches on the scratches, they are deep. If not, the scratches are considered a “haze” and can be removed with the basic polishing kit.


  1. Hernando says:

    Were can I get the polish and buffer to remove the superficial scratches of my car windshield?

  2. I usually get the chrome polish at a truck stop, but now auto parts stores have them.

  3. How do I remove scratches from my windshield and headlights?

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