How to Clean Cast Iron Burner Grates


Kim asked: How do I clean and remove spots from my burner grates? I have a Viking stove with six burners. The burner grates are very large, cast iron grates. No matter how much I clean them, the stove still looks funky to me because of the dirty, spotty look of the grates. I need help!

The simplest and most effective method for cleaning burner grates also works on cast iron burners. Follow these steps and your stove will look like new in no time!

You Will Need:

  • Ammonia
  • Plastic bag (large enough for the burner grate to fit in)
  • Water
  • Scrubbing pad
  • Dry towel

Steps to Remove the Stain:

  1. Remove each burner grate and place each one in a plastic bag.
  2. Add a cup of ammonia to each bag, then top off with enough water to cover the entire grate when it’s lying flat.
  3. Tie the bag shut so the ammonia and water cannot leak out. Using Ziploc bags will make this much easier.
  4. Allow the grates to sit in the ammonia and water mixture overnight.
  5. Open each bag the next day and carefully dispose of the ammonia solution according to label directions. A clean sink or bath tub is a great spot for this.
  6. Scrub any remaining spots with the scrubbing pad. They should come off easily.
  7. Rinse well with water.
  8. Dry with a towel.

Additional Tips and Advice

  • If you have a self-cleaning oven, try placing the grates in the oven while running the cleaning cycle. The burners should come out clean.
  • Follow safety precautions on the ammonia bottle label. Avoid breathing in fumes and keep the area well ventilated.


  1. Julie says:

    FYI: In several places in my user manual, it says DO NOT PUT BURNER GRATES IN THE OVEN DURING SELF CLEANING!! My salesman told me I COULD do this, but I am following the manufacturer’s guidelines!

  2. Margaret says:

    I’m glad to have located this information on the stove burner covers and I’m going to try it tonight before I start packing and cleaning some more. I’m in the process of moving my friend. I also found out you can use white toothpaste and clean up burn scourges on a countertop? I will see if these helpful hints work. God knows I need them to be true. Well, got to try my Luck! Tired in Stow, Oh ME. God Bless!!

  3. Edna says:

    Would this work for the actual grates? Can I put them inside the oven while cleaning the oven? Should I soak them in ammonia?

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