What Is Dry Cleaning Solvent?

Faith asked: What is “dry cleaning solvent”? I have never heard of it. Can I just use dish soap, and what temperature should the water be? I have some spots of ink toner on the carpet and have already vacuumed over them. Now I need to use something to remove their marks. I have heard that ink toner is very sensitive to water, and my husband’s shirts have holes in them where the toner “burned” them clean through! I don’t want this to happen to the carpet, as we rent.


Dry cleaning solvent is a fluid that is used to clean a fabric or textile surface without water. It is used for removing toner because of the toner’s sensitivity to water. If water is added to the toner, it will increase the stain and lessen your chances of successfully removing it. Because of this, you cannot substitute dish soap for dry cleaning solvent. This solvent is applied to the surface, following the instructions on the label. Once the area is clean, the solvent will evaporate. There is no need to use water during the cleaning process. These products can be found online and in the laundry aisle.

Some popular dry cleaning solvents you may want to consider include:



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  2. Percoethylene is the most common chemical used in dry cleaning.

  3. Is it possible to tell if a dress has been dry cleaned? (It’s made of 100% merino wool.)

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